These are a collection of strange photos I have found on the internet. Some have a story behind them, some are just really weird and have no explanation. If you have anything to say about any of these photos, please feel free to comment.

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You are about to enter a very strange area of the Internet....You have been warned !!

Creature found on Google Streetview Cam
Hospital security cam footage

Extra dimensional beings that have arachnid biology, psychic, and live
inside our lower intestines...They originate from morgellons that are
sprayed in our upper atmosphere.

Weird snakes in the water! LOOKOUT!

Real giant squid filmed in Gulf of Mexico.

Fossilized giant finger over 16 feet long!

Man made chernobyl monster from the nuclear plant disaster in Russia
Snake eating a bat. Yes, whole.

Evil / Demonic / Possession / Occult
Shows photograph taken of a woman who was taken over by spirits.

Madam Violet Queen of REAL Edinburgh Vampire Hive

Found by police in abandoned house in the suburbs.


Ghost child found later after developing photos, was not seen.

Artist rendition of true eyewitness account in Arkansas.
Alien described by Sirius Group 'The Essassani'

New species: The Yahyel (Aka The Shalanaya)

Sirian Hybrid Aliens (as described by countless of eyewitnesses)

Alien species: The Pleiadians (Alien beings of pure light)

The Arcturians: The oldest civilization in Milky Way.


Black Budget / Government Ops

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