Paranormal Reports

A collection of Paranormal case files from all around the United States, as well as other countries around the globe. Is there a logical explanation, could there be something ghostly, or maybe a poltergeist is involved? You be the judge, I will present before you the evidence I have found on the internet, both with articles I have read, and conversations I have had with people. 

This will also be the place, I put some of the strangest YouTube videos I have ever seen.

Ghosts of Dead Children on Railroad In San Antonio, Texas

Red Rain in India? Could it be linked to Spirits, Ghosts or Maybe Out of This World?

Deer sees Ghost on Ranch in Texas, Spotted on Hunting Camera! CREEPY! Photo included...

The Dark Occult Roots of Dr. Strange from Marvel Comics Did Stan Lee sell his Soul to the Devil?

Could The Emerald Tablets Be Real? Which Secret Society Still Could Have Kept them Secret?

The Hidden and Secret World Of Alchemy and Hollywood. Turning Lead into Gold.

Strange and Weird: Animal Deaths Happening All Around the World. Why is it Scary? No One Knows Why They are Dying.

Strange Similarities in the Game Eternal Darkness to Dark Occult Black Magic from Satan

Reptilian Demonic Symbolism Found on Secret Military Patches Around the World

Hexagon Shape Found on Saturn: Linked to the Devil?

Strange Sounds Heard All Around the World: Could it Be The Trumpets from Revelations? Aliens? Inter Dimensional Beings?

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