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I really believe that we are not alone. Could they be from another planet? Another dimension? Who knows one thing is for sure, these things whatever they are have been visiting humanity for a very long time. Whether you choose to believe or not, facts can NOT be ignored. Not only have we been visited, but people have proof that they have been experimented on, and have made predictions on the way our planet is being "managed". Anyways, here is a collection of articles I have written on the subject, plus other things relating to aliens from another planet. Are we alone in the universe? The formula alone says its highly unlikely....and even if there is, did they become advanced enough to want to get to Earth? If so, what are their intentions? What could they be? Would you actually accept help from some other race of beings that came to help humanity? What are your thoughts on this? The subject is way too big to ignore, and to brush it all off as the "devil" or something just as vague, is not using your brain either. Let's try to have an open mind, and not let our ancestors dictate our belief through the strings they use to regulate modern society. Look at every politician in the world, do you think a single one of them as ever, or will ever follow the ten commandments? I don't think so.

YouTuber gets Binary Message from Aliens

New Mayan Artifacts found That Prove Aliens Exist!

Strange sounds coming from the Earth Heard all Around the Globe

Stargate Conspiracy

David Icke Interview with Zulu African Shaman Credo Mutwa

Is Katy Perry an Alien? Are other Famous Celebrities Aliens?

New Television Show called "V" About Replilian Shapeshifting Aliens from another Planet

Strange red rain in India really an alien organism from another planet?

Were the Nazca lines created by an alien race?

Who is the Disclosure Project? Are the alien species they released real?
Could Rogue Planets Be Mother Ships that Hold Generations of Advanced Alien Beings?

Strange Reptilian Bloodlines Still Alive Today The Reptilians Area Already Here

Secrets of the Crystal Skulls

Information on the lost city of Atlantis

Could Secret Societies hold Knowledge of Alien Visitation or Have Deals with Them?

Alien Reptilian Symbolism Found on Military PatchesDo Reptilian Aliens and Nibiru Really Exist?

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