August 28, 2016

Signs You Have Been Abducted by Aliens and Newest Research on Alien Abductions

Many people across the world have claimed to have been abducted by strange beings. These beings are either from another dimension, or another galaxy. For all we know they could even be from this galaxy in a location we may or may not have discovered yet. Thanks to government agencies, and space organizations that think we can't handle the truth.

Abductees have had some REALLY strange experiences. Usually abductees have a number of close up sightings through out their lifetime. Even though a lot of these stories I am sure are fabricated to sell a book, or to make false claims to stir the pot of misinformation, some claims have hard evidence, and some common truths, throughout each experience. Let's talk about some of these common truths:

Lost Time - Many individuals who have been legitimately abducted have had large gaps of missing time. This time, they cannot remember. In most cases it is hours, or days, and sometimes weeks of missing time. How could this be? Imagine looking down at your watch, after a spectacular UFO sighting, and having 2 hours missing that you cannot explain. It has become popular among many modern day physicists that time does not exist. Some abductees have claimed to have felt like they were gone for years, and when flashed back to Earth, within the exact time frame they "left".

Landing Sites - Some abductees claim that they have seen the UFO land in a clearing before approaching them and being led onto their ship, unwillingly. When brought back to these areas where the ship landed, circular spots have been found full of radiation, where the mark has killed all grass and other vegetation, that would have been in the landing area. These areas are still radioactive. You can go there and scan these areas and see for yourself. If you know where any of these places are please list them in the comments.

Alien Implants - Implants have been removed from many people across the globe after saying they have been abducted by aliens...These implants are very strange indeed. Some have been shown to actually transmit an RF signal. Others have been found to have the ability to bind to the host in a way, that cannot be removed, not even with surgery, without risking the abductee's life. No one has any explanation where these implants came from. In my mind this is some of the most mind numbing truth on the alien abduction subject.

Recurring Visits from UFO crafts - Abductees claim that they have repeated occurrences of UFOs coming to visit them. Especially when they are alone. A lot of these people also say that they have been visited by aliens for the majority of their life, they even remember childhood contact with the alien beings.

Loss of memory during time of abduction - The most common denominator in alien abduction cases is the missing time. It seems me like people's brains are being wiped. A lot of people have had success with hypnotherapy that allows people to remember their experiences. I urge everyone that feels like they have been abducted, to give this a shot. The more the world knows about your experiences, the more we can understand whats going on.

Experiencers or Abductees can connect with other experiencers, or abductees

It is said that abductees, have an ability to tell if someone else has been abducted. I have never been abducted, so I don't know if this has any basis in reality or not. However, maybe it is true, maybe people were infused with psychic abilities, in one way or another after being abducted by alien or extra dimensional beings? How else could this be explained?

Have you had an alien encounter? You will not be judged here I moderate all comments, please let us know of your experience. You may help others just like you that have had something happen to them, that cannot be explained. Do not be afraid to come forward, sometimes in order to start to deal with this type of thing in human consciousness, we need an open fair discussion about it. Don't worry I won't approve any hate comments. Let us all know what you have been through...Do you trust the Free organization by Edgar Mitchell? Only time will tell...

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August 26, 2016

The Darkside of the Moon - Our Weird, Strange, Moon

In the past, I have talked about the strangest things about our moon. Its very strange indeed. We know for a fact that the Moon is hollow. It rings like a bell. When struck by a lunar module, the Moon was said to have rang for 8+ hours.

The anomalies seen on the moon have not slowed down at all. In 2016 many other discoveries have been made. With telescopes getting cheaper, and more amateur astronomy going on, we are seeing more strange things happen on our moon than ever before...

The obelisk/monolith (or the shard) - visible on Apollo 10s mission, protruding from the Moon's surface. It is definitely something that looks built or artificial. There is 3 more obelisks found very similar. What could these be? Some sort of watch towers? Could be be mining Helium-3 or (HE3) from the moon's surface? If not else could it be another nation on this earth?

Transient Lunar Phenomenon (Mysterious volcanic eruptions, random bursts of light, or sudden change in lunar surface in specific 'hot spots'. Why don't we keep a detailed log of this still? We can find reports all over the internet... On the wikipedia page it even links to the log I am referring to. Why is information like this not public anymore about our moon?

What is the moon made out of? - The moon was not created with a mineral composition, found anywhere on Earth. It was once taught in schools that the moon was created by something very large colliding with the Earth. Now, as you can expect there are a lot more questions, than answers, the theories are just adding up, and yet we still have no official plans to go back to the moon. We could even mine Helium-3, after all there is a lot more of it on the moon...

Why have we not seen the dark side of the moon? - USAF whistle blower talks about bases that have been built by intelligent life on the dark side of the moon. Another whistle blower says that he air brushed bases out of NASA pictures frequently that had bases on the dark side of the moon. Where is the evidence of this air brushing? Carl Wolfee is the USAF official that has come forward with this information. His credentials seem to check out...

China also plans to send a probe to the darkside of the moon. - This is really strange, what are they after? and why have we never done this...Here is a video... They also plan to have a moon base of their own on the moon by 2020. They are most definitely an economic power that we are even in debt  with, and in the race for a moon base, they are catching up fast.

3 massive pillars are found on the edge of a crater on the moon. What could this be? They have been airbrushed out by NASA and other space agencies for years.

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