July 5, 2016

The Truth About the End of the World This Month

The answer is yes. The real question is when? All mainstream science can agree on is that, we (most living things on Earth) get wiped out every 3600 years by an ELE (Extinction Level Event). The fact is our universe is a huge place, this should be obvious to everyone that is reading this. We are a mere spec of space dust, compared to the vastness of our universe. It doesn't have to be some mysterious dwarf star, or ninth planet that historians have been searching for, all it takes is a good sized asteroid or comet swatted in our direction from the Oort cloud. I guess, what I am really getting at is the end of the world, is the end of the world. Who cares how it happens? If we keep fighting, comparing our ancestral religions, and fighting over our differences we will never work together, and we will definitely never leave this planet. Do we even deserve a chance to survive? Obviously we are out of time, and instead of working on the puzzle, we worry about people like Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump. Democracy my ass this is a popularity contest. I mean Jesus...Conan the Barbarian is Governor of California.

Bitcoin - The War Profiteers Wet Dream

Cryptocurrency has been moving in huge directions lately. Many geeks and financial advisors speculate by saying its because of the Brexit, or the deflation of the Chinese Yen. I am not so sure. Bitcoin and other crypto currencies seem like the perfect avenue for war profiteering in an anonymous way. Why would the UK leave the EU? They are setting up the financial institutions to fall like dominos. All stock exchanges are down, in all countries. However Bitcoin always seems to find a way up. If we go to war, we will have officially lost all of our humanity, I don't care how many bunkers you think you have, how many supplies, you think that might save you from nuclear fallout, you are essentially hitting the reset button on mankind. Even all the physicists in the world, cannot come up with that one idea, that could save all survivors of any extinction level event. I don't understand how any country, no matter how large, or small, could be so selfish. That goes for you extremists too. This is not how problems get solved. Hiding is not a solution.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me - Presenting Walmart Board Member Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump!

Why can't we all just get along? The answer is simple greed. As far as any historian can remember man has always been swayed, payed off, and corrupted with money. People say money isn't everything, but the truth is, it's at least 90%. No one wants to worry about how they are going to pay their bills, and everyone likes having fun...What would you do for the easy life? Karma will always catch up with you.

Nibiru Planet X - The Brown Dwarf Star

Oh NO! its Planet X, NASA/FEMA is planning for tsunamis, and there are huge earthquakes everywhere! Hold the ones you love close, we live in a crazy world, and more crazy is born everyday. Pray, laugh, smile, forget about the end of the world. It's not like you can do anything about it. It's out of your hands, hell, you probably won't even see it coming.

So Let's Say I Am I am in the Wealthy 1% - What Can I Do to Help?

Well a huge start would be building a huge sustainable underwater city that could go deep in the ocean depths. If a large planetary or astrological body were to collide with the Earth, the dust and debris would be in our atmosphere for years blocking out our sun. If we could start work on self sustainable underwater cities at depths of about 50,000 feet, and a good anchor of course, we may be able to have colonies that are under the water, so we can periodically make surface trips in the event of this kind of thing happening. We won't even have to leave this planet to survive, just wait it out, and have food. I don't know thats just an idea, and I am nobody, more ideas like this are out there, lets collectively work together. We cannot survive divided.

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