July 9, 2016

Did the Curiosity Mars Rover Find a Spider Creature?

Are there spider-like arachnid creatures on Mars? Since the beginning of any mars mission that sent back pictures, mankind's brains have been recognizing strange patterns on the planet's surface that just cannot be explained...

This spider found on a canyon crevice wall looks really interesting. It really does look defined. It clearly is not the surrounding rock color, and it almost pops right out of the image once you magnify it a bit.

Arachnids from Mars does sound like a catchy title, but what if it were true? In my mind spiders don't usually set up shop (spin a web) unless there is an opportunity to catch other insects, or possibly other creatures. However, some spiders don't build webs at all, even though they have webs, they don't spin them as fly catchers. Instead they use them to protect their eggs, etc. 

Let's say for a moment this is a space spider. What is it's food? Here on Earth we have plenty of spiders that hide in crevices and dark spots of the deepest and darkest caves, however, they are feeding on a plethora of mice, rats, and even bats, all trying to find safe harbor from the snake. The circle of life.....well, life as we know it. What if there is a hive on Mars?

I feel like if this was a spider, it would have a lot less legs. I don't know this looks more of like a face hugger that attacked Ridley on Aliens. We call it a spider because thats what it looks like, from a rover, but who knows what it really is? It definitely looks like its taking a break, (safe haven) from the sunlight in the shadow of the cliff. Could it be a form of plant life or vegetation? Maybe the secret to free energy lies in the secrets we may discover in space botany and the way they produce energy from their environment (photosynthesis). Infact, this is just based on life as we know it, get ready to start writing new rules, things are about to change. Are you ready?

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