August 31, 2015

Real Life Conspiracy: Wealthy Corporations Buying Up Land in Brazil and Having Locals Killed

Do you believe it? If it isn't crazy enough that governments want you dead, evidently big corporations want you dead also. You see if you are dead, your land gets appropriated by the government, and suddenly it is for sale, if you are living in an old neighborhood with people around you that look like they are getting higher in age, and the neghborhood around you is getting more "upscale" with Banana Republic, and William Sonoma, then you are probably in trouble.

Don't get me wrong I feel for all of the people in Brazil that this is happening to. That does not however mean that this doesn't go on everywhere in the known world. 

Until the government is able to pass legislation it will continue to be this way. It is a shame that big corporations cannot see passed the bottom line, and would rather these indigenous people wiped off the map. All so that they can build their factory, or mine, or who knows whatever else to jump some legal or tax loophole. 

When I say big corporations none of this can really be blamed on one country. It is humanity as a whole that is flawed. We would rather commit murder, lie, cheat, and steal to be the winner. No matter who's head we have to smash that gets in our way. 

I feel really ashamed to be associated with the human race right now. 

Do you think that helicopter hat might be some sort of mind control protection? 

Conspiracy Mode, Activated....

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