August 18, 2015

DEA Agent Whistleblower Speaks Out: We Had been Told To not Enforce Drug Laws In Rich Neighborhoods

Washington, D.C. August 17th - lies that keep the drug war alive begin to unfold, numerous of the police officers and government agents who made it feasible are now going public using the truth of their experience inside the agency.

Matthew Fogg - a former US Marshal, and DEA agent is one of these people. Ever since leaving law enforcement he has been speaking out against police brutality, profiling, and also the drug war.

Fogg appeared in an interview for Brave New Films, exactly where he discussed the drug war and how race and class play a part the enforcement of drug laws.

In the interview, Fogg stated, “We had been jumping on guys within the middle of the evening, all of that. Swooping down on folks all across the country, utilizing these sorts of attack techniques that we went out on, that you would use in Vietnam, or some kind of war-torn zone. All of the stuff that we were doing, just calling it the war on drugs. And there wasn’t extremely many black guys in my position. 

So when I'd go in to the war room, exactly where we had been setting up all of our drug and gun and addiction job force determining what cities we had been going to hit, I'd notice that the majority of the time it usually appeared to become urban locations

That is when I asked the query, nicely, do not they sell drugs out in Potomac and Springfield, and places like that? Perhaps you all think they don’t, but statistics show they use more drugs out in those areas than anyplace. The unique agent in charge, he says ‘You know, if we go out there and begin messing with these people, they know judges, they know lawyers, they know politicians. You begin locking their kids up; somebody’s going to jerk our chain.’ He stated, ‘they’re going to call us on it, and before you know it, they’re going to shut us down, and there goes your overtime.’”

Fogg also discussed race more explicitly, but admitted that the drug war was some thing that impacted people of all races, although African-American communities had been targeted disproportionately.

He continued,

“What I began to determine is the fact that the drug war is totally about race. If we were locking up everybody, white and black, for doing exactly the same drugs, they would have done exactly the same factor they did with prohibition.
They would have outlawed it. They would have said, ‘Let’s quit this craziness. You’re not placing my son in jail. My daughter isn’t going to jail.’

If it was an equal enforcement chance operation, we wouldn’t be sitting here anyway. It’s all about fairness, man. And understanding ‘How would I wish to be treated?’ Whether I’m on the 1 end or the other finish. How would I be treated if everything was carried out equally?”

Last October, The Free Thought Project met up with Fogg following a panel on police militarization at the Cato Institute in Washington DC.

This is the agenda of the global elites, and the people that control society as a whole in those secret The Bilderberg Group meetings and in secret lodges around the world. Don't think for one second, that they don't already know who the next president is, and they know good and well these drugs are in these communities, they put them there. Haven't you notice in some nice parts of a town near you, there is never a cop to be seen? That is because the politicians are paid to keep it that way, and people don't even know they are right next door to complex crystal meth labs, or cocaine store houses. It's all good, they are protected, paid off. Thought it was just something that happened in the movies? No, this is definitely a conspiracy, and its been going on since, President Bush Sr's administration and his 'crackdown on crack' yeah...that was the 80s, has it got any better? You tell me...Don't TaZZEEE Meee Brooo...

Even though Fogg was a former law enforcement officer, he had some of the most radical opinions on the panel when it came to solving the issue of police accountability. Fogg was outspoken concerning the intense changes that have to be made towards the entire criminal justice system, and was not convinced that physique cameras would honestly maintain police in check. Will he turn out to be a target from the international elite that run the very corrupt criminal justice system that he's speaking out against? Let's see what occurs to Mr. Fogg, in the light of present events, comments and let me know what you guys think...

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