July 29, 2015

What if Advanced Alien Civilizations Will Never Exist...

I think it's the best explanation i have heard yet. I am not a skeptic. I believe in aliens, and a universal creator. I also have a very open mind. The reason why I say these things, is because we have huge satellite radio transmitters, and receivers that could potentially communicate with aliens millions of light years from Earth IF they are there, BUT all we hear is random space noise and silence.

Some people might be thinking, "Yeah, but space is huge, I can see how we haven't found anything yet...", and I would like to agree with you. That is why however, I mentioned that we can also transmit radio signals. You would think any civilization that was out there, would have taken notice by now, we have had the satellite radios since the '70s. It was even featured in the movie "Contact" with Jody Foster, which I still watch to this day. The point i'm trying to make here is we have nothing. Sure a few interesting "noises" but nothing substantial. This leads me to believe that maybe the Fermi Paradox could be on to something.

Fermi Paradox: Read Here

Let's think about it for a second...in order to have the perfect planet, with the perfect atmosphere, and ingredients for life is pretty damn rare. We know this because of space telescopes, and other means of estimating pretty accurately, the odds that the perfect recipe for life exists in the first place. Not to mention, that the planet's environment is suitable for life (as we know it). This means that it is rotating around the sun in the "Goldilocks Zone" as well. This is the area around a sun that is not too hot, and not too cold....just right...

So lets say somewhere in the vastness of space, there happened to be another suitable healthy sun, with another planet that was very similar to Earth... Lets also say that in their own respect they had a mini renaissance period, an iron age, an industrial revolution, and a space age, we all know roughly how long it took humans as a species to get to THIS point. Literally millions and/or billions of years. Everything has an expiration date in the cosmos, we can observe it through our telescopes, it's happening all around our solar system.

We are almost out of time as well. If we do not figure out a way to live in peace, get rid of fossil fuel energy, and actually start trying to save OUR planet, we will be out of time, and any new baby species in the cosmos, when facing/fixing their radio equipment towards, the once mighty planet previously known as Earth.... It could be dead silent.

So maybe this is the paradox with any (including our) "advanced" civilizations, and advanced species in the universe. Eventually, all species either run out of time, or help annihilate themselves, using the very technology they create in wars, global feuding, before any technological breakthrough is made to advance themselves as a species, instead of mindless consumers. Sound familiar?

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Source: 'The Fermi Paradox'

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