July 13, 2015

Weird Parasite Fungus Attaches to Host Before Erupting From Head

Prosthetic zombie head with parasitic fungal spores
There is a strange parasitic fungus named Cordyceps. They attach their spores to ants, and it begins to disorient them and control them, making them go crazy and wander from their trail. After a while, the cordyceps controls the ant to climb upwards on a limb of a tree, or on a plant and forces the ant to close its pincers into the plant, and it dies. After a couple of hours, the ants head will erupt with his fungus. Its branch then spreads more spores on the ground to infect more ants. Could a fungus-like this evolve to attach itself to humans and turn us all into flesh-eating zombies? Its a possibility. That is the plot for the video game Fallout 3..... Coincidence? I think not.

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