September 9, 2015

Extinct Dinosaurs...Could Some Still Be Alive?

I have a friend that is from a small village deep in the jungles of South America. She is from a small village, and the population was very small. Everyone knew everyone, it was the type of town where everyone also talked about each other. This made it very hard to keep a secret.

When she was about 12 years old she was playing in the jungle at a familiar spot that had a huge beautiful lake. It was right off of a familiar trail that the girls would visit often. My friend is not a liar...what she saw on the other side of the lake was unbelievable... it was a real life dinosaur. A brontosaurus to be exact, based on her description. It had a long elongated neck and it was an herbivore that was eating leaves, based on her description. When the girls saw this living thought to be extinct monster, they took off and told everyone in the village.

Most of the villagers laughed at the girls, but the village elders knew better. Not only did they believe the girls, bit they also tell the girls their sightings and encounter stories. They never saw the beast again and moved away...

Do you think that extinct dinosaurs could still be alive in remote regions of the world? Let me know what you think in the comments!!

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August 31, 2015

Prolonged Exposure to Monsanto's Round-Up Pesticide Causes Kidney & Liver Damage, Even Failure

That's right, the same pesticide Monsanto has been using on Walmart bread, corn, tomatoes, and even ketchup, has been known to cause liver damage and kidney failure.

Farmers that have been sprinkling this miracle pesticide on their newly soiled Monsanto pesticide resistant modified corn, they are definitely more likely to have failure of the kidneys or liver.

This stuff has just recently been introduced into our food supply. I say recently, because as opposed to say like 'real' corn which we have ingested for decades. This new corn, has only been around for 10-15 years. Maybe a little longer. This means that no one actually knows what the prolonged effects are on the human body.

This is where the mice come in. Scientists have recently exposed lab rats to the Monsanto pesticide called "Round-Up" and they are having liver, and kidney damage at an alarming rate. Most of the general populous don't even care if they are eating frankencorn or not. They just want food, and they want it cheap. They don't care where it comes from, as long as it doesn't look 'gross'.

Think about your children, think about your family. Especially older elderly people. How do you think your bodies are affected by this stuff? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Real Life Conspiracy: Wealthy Corporations Buying Up Land in Brazil and Having Locals Killed

Do you believe it? If it isn't crazy enough that governments want you dead, evidently big corporations want you dead also. You see if you are dead, your land gets appropriated by the government, and suddenly it is for sale, if you are living in an old neighborhood with people around you that look like they are getting higher in age, and the neghborhood around you is getting more "upscale" with Banana Republic, and William Sonoma, then you are probably in trouble.

Don't get me wrong I feel for all of the people in Brazil that this is happening to. That does not however mean that this doesn't go on everywhere in the known world. 

Until the government is able to pass legislation it will continue to be this way. It is a shame that big corporations cannot see passed the bottom line, and would rather these indigenous people wiped off the map. All so that they can build their factory, or mine, or who knows whatever else to jump some legal or tax loophole. 

When I say big corporations none of this can really be blamed on one country. It is humanity as a whole that is flawed. We would rather commit murder, lie, cheat, and steal to be the winner. No matter who's head we have to smash that gets in our way. 

I feel really ashamed to be associated with the human race right now. 

Do you think that helicopter hat might be some sort of mind control protection? 

Conspiracy Mode, Activated....

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August 27, 2015

The Great Weed Conspiracy–Why the Government Hates CBD Oil


Hello wonderful readers of strange conspiracy! How have you been? I know I haven’t written a real article that I have done research on in a while because I have been so busy, I promise things will change…Anyway, I got a good one, this one should be a big hit (no pun intended). Everyone who is anyone knows that weed, or marijuana has been illegal in most of the continental United States for a very long time. What people don’t know is that our great and wonderful United States government has held a secret patent over marijuana’s anti-inflammatory effects, while publicly always denying any medical use for the drug whatsoever. Well boys and girls, here where it gets deep.


CBD Oil has also been illegal in most of the United States, being listed as a Schedule 1 substance. Let me explain a little bit about what CBD is. THC is the exact chemical in marijuana which causes people to get high. CBD would be like it’s complete opposite. It does not generate any type of ‘high’ for the user. Why would they outlaw this substance as well and automatically list it as a schedule 1 drug? They knew about this extract it works as an agonist on the CB2 receptors of the brain, not an ANTAGONIST, not a beneficiary, no, simply increasing density of those receptors as you will, while also still delivering all the medicinal effects of marijuana, plus more.

What scientists are now beginning to find is that users of CBD oil extract from the marijuana plant, also are experiencing decreased levels of anxiety, insomnia the benefits are endless. THC (what people get high from) also has its own set of medicinal properties working on your CB1 receptors in the brain. However, THC does have a tendency to cause paranoia, and increased levels of anxiety.

The bottom line is weed/marijuana/hemp has been made illegal to bring America down. Think about it, the arrests fill the prisons, which makes indentured servants for big corporations. Weed being illegal, also furthers the agenda of big pharmaceutical companies because if these effects, and all of these studies, that all of these pro-marijuana studies have done over the years, are in fact TRUTH. Everyone has been mislead. Hemp could single handedly change America if legalized. Why isn’t it its simple, the people’s agenda is always outweighed by the agenda of the shadow government. We are not free, we are plugged into their Matrix.

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August 18, 2015

DEA Agent Whistleblower Speaks Out: We Had been Told To not Enforce Drug Laws In Rich Neighborhoods

Washington, D.C. August 17th - lies that keep the drug war alive begin to unfold, numerous of the police officers and government agents who made it feasible are now going public using the truth of their experience inside the agency.

Matthew Fogg - a former US Marshal, and DEA agent is one of these people. Ever since leaving law enforcement he has been speaking out against police brutality, profiling, and also the drug war.

Fogg appeared in an interview for Brave New Films, exactly where he discussed the drug war and how race and class play a part the enforcement of drug laws.

In the interview, Fogg stated, “We had been jumping on guys within the middle of the evening, all of that. Swooping down on folks all across the country, utilizing these sorts of attack techniques that we went out on, that you would use in Vietnam, or some kind of war-torn zone. All of the stuff that we were doing, just calling it the war on drugs. And there wasn’t extremely many black guys in my position. 

So when I'd go in to the war room, exactly where we had been setting up all of our drug and gun and addiction job force determining what cities we had been going to hit, I'd notice that the majority of the time it usually appeared to become urban locations

That is when I asked the query, nicely, do not they sell drugs out in Potomac and Springfield, and places like that? Perhaps you all think they don’t, but statistics show they use more drugs out in those areas than anyplace. The unique agent in charge, he says ‘You know, if we go out there and begin messing with these people, they know judges, they know lawyers, they know politicians. You begin locking their kids up; somebody’s going to jerk our chain.’ He stated, ‘they’re going to call us on it, and before you know it, they’re going to shut us down, and there goes your overtime.’”

Fogg also discussed race more explicitly, but admitted that the drug war was some thing that impacted people of all races, although African-American communities had been targeted disproportionately.

He continued,

“What I began to determine is the fact that the drug war is totally about race. If we were locking up everybody, white and black, for doing exactly the same drugs, they would have done exactly the same factor they did with prohibition.
They would have outlawed it. They would have said, ‘Let’s quit this craziness. You’re not placing my son in jail. My daughter isn’t going to jail.’

If it was an equal enforcement chance operation, we wouldn’t be sitting here anyway. It’s all about fairness, man. And understanding ‘How would I wish to be treated?’ Whether I’m on the 1 end or the other finish. How would I be treated if everything was carried out equally?”

Last October, The Free Thought Project met up with Fogg following a panel on police militarization at the Cato Institute in Washington DC.

This is the agenda of the global elites, and the people that control society as a whole in those secret The Bilderberg Group meetings and in secret lodges around the world. Don't think for one second, that they don't already know who the next president is, and they know good and well these drugs are in these communities, they put them there. Haven't you notice in some nice parts of a town near you, there is never a cop to be seen? That is because the politicians are paid to keep it that way, and people don't even know they are right next door to complex crystal meth labs, or cocaine store houses. It's all good, they are protected, paid off. Thought it was just something that happened in the movies? No, this is definitely a conspiracy, and its been going on since, President Bush Sr's administration and his 'crackdown on crack' yeah...that was the 80s, has it got any better? You tell me...Don't TaZZEEE Meee Brooo...

Even though Fogg was a former law enforcement officer, he had some of the most radical opinions on the panel when it came to solving the issue of police accountability. Fogg was outspoken concerning the intense changes that have to be made towards the entire criminal justice system, and was not convinced that physique cameras would honestly maintain police in check. Will he turn out to be a target from the international elite that run the very corrupt criminal justice system that he's speaking out against? Let's see what occurs to Mr. Fogg, in the light of present events, comments and let me know what you guys think...

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July 29, 2015

What if Advanced Alien Civilizations Will Never Exist...

I think it's the best explanation i have heard yet. I am not a skeptic. I believe in aliens, and a universal creator. I also have a very open mind. The reason why I say these things, is because we have huge satellite radio transmitters, and receivers that could potentially communicate with aliens millions of light years from Earth IF they are there, BUT all we hear is random space noise and silence.

Some people might be thinking, "Yeah, but space is huge, I can see how we haven't found anything yet...", and I would like to agree with you. That is why however, I mentioned that we can also transmit radio signals. You would think any civilization that was out there, would have taken notice by now, we have had the satellite radios since the '70s. It was even featured in the movie "Contact" with Jody Foster, which I still watch to this day. The point i'm trying to make here is we have nothing. Sure a few interesting "noises" but nothing substantial. This leads me to believe that maybe the Fermi Paradox could be on to something.

Fermi Paradox: Read Here

Let's think about it for a order to have the perfect planet, with the perfect atmosphere, and ingredients for life is pretty damn rare. We know this because of space telescopes, and other means of estimating pretty accurately, the odds that the perfect recipe for life exists in the first place. Not to mention, that the planet's environment is suitable for life (as we know it). This means that it is rotating around the sun in the "Goldilocks Zone" as well. This is the area around a sun that is not too hot, and not too cold....just right...

So lets say somewhere in the vastness of space, there happened to be another suitable healthy sun, with another planet that was very similar to Earth... Lets also say that in their own respect they had a mini renaissance period, an iron age, an industrial revolution, and a space age, we all know roughly how long it took humans as a species to get to THIS point. Literally millions and/or billions of years. Everything has an expiration date in the cosmos, we can observe it through our telescopes, it's happening all around our solar system.

We are almost out of time as well. If we do not figure out a way to live in peace, get rid of fossil fuel energy, and actually start trying to save OUR planet, we will be out of time, and any new baby species in the cosmos, when facing/fixing their radio equipment towards, the once mighty planet previously known as Earth.... It could be dead silent.

So maybe this is the paradox with any (including our) "advanced" civilizations, and advanced species in the universe. Eventually, all species either run out of time, or help annihilate themselves, using the very technology they create in wars, global feuding, before any technological breakthrough is made to advance themselves as a species, instead of mindless consumers. Sound familiar?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think...

Source: 'The Fermi Paradox'

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July 23, 2015

Inbox Dollars Really Works Make Money From Home Not a Scam

I know, I know everyone has heard something about making money online free, but don't stop reading this article, and blowing me off as another spammer just yet....Many people don't even give these sites a shot because of the saying, "Nothing in this world is Free" In most cases, whoever came up with that saying is  probably right. I just have been in a tight spot recently, have done a lot of research on these types of sites, and had to do whatever it took to make money online. I literally did a handful of surveys and this site called, and they paid me the check you see above. I wanted to post it because if you research the company online you find many people that have been screwed over at the beginning of the inboxdollars' dream because of bugs in their initial system, or have taken advantage of the initial flaws of the system, and did not get paid for it. I say this is the person's fault for misusing inbox dollars in the first place.

 I just wanted to put this here for my loyal readers that may be in a tight money spot, or just want to make extra beer money...You should really give this a shot. You have nothing to lose, and yes i mentioned taking surveys for money, but that isn't the only way to get money for free on their site.

Many people in the past have used survey sites that promise paying high dollar for you to fill out surveys, but the bottom line is filling out surveys alone will not make you the big bucks. Sure it will make you a couple bucks here and there, but if you want to start making more money you can really start to learn good tips and tricks that will help you make a really good profit from their site. If you don't qualify for a survey most survey sites will tell you "I'm sorry you don't qualify", and then you have to wait, somtimes for weeks, before they send you another survey opportunity. In other cases, they just abandon you after you answered 20 or so questions and tell you that "This survey is no longer available" and will give you no credit for all the answers you gave them already. Inbox dollars does NOT do this. If you do not qualify for a survey they still can't give you credit for it because the survey provider does not pay them. What they do do if you do not qualify for a given survey, is they will give you free spins on their prize wheel. This is where this site gets really fun, and you can get really smart with how you play your sweepstakes you win from the wheel, and you can also win instant cash prizes from the wheel that get deposited directly into your inboxdollars account! NO OTHER SURVEY SITE DOES THIS! You can use these free spins and earn instant cash, and earn entries for surveys, that earn even more cash, and cool prizes. My friend won an xbox-360 and 250$ with the sweeps alone! I have currently only won one sweepstakes for $25 cash, but hey it's something! I never win anything!

There are plenty of opportunities to make money with their site and everything is free to signup and get paid, you literally have nothing to lose. Comment back on this page and let me know what you thought of the program, i swear to be respectful and to help you earn more, i guarantee that for everyone that signs up from my page. Consider it a thank you for being such a loyal reader, I have learned some tricks that might help u make quicker money at inboxdollars too, so the bottom line is signup, if you have a problem I will help you. No one else will help you make money with this site, and help you hands on like I will. You have my word. Give it a shot, and leave me a comment. Thanks guys, signup with this link to get $5.00 instantly just for signing up NO BS no STRINGS. Take care, and enjoy the free money!

Here is the link to get a bonus $5.00 when you sign up for

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July 19, 2015

The Planned Parenthood Conspiracy

People have been talking lately about this Planned Parenthood conspiracy to sell organs on the street to the highest bidder. First, before I start writing this article I want to let everyone know I don’t have a problem with Planned Parenthood, and I also feel that women have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies. That being said, it is true that Dr. Deborah Nucatola has admitted not only to the sale of fetal organs, but also that Planned Parenthood has nothing against their partners making a profit from the sale of these organs to the highest bidder. Of course with their attorney’s direction, they have held off making mail order websites, and blasting this information on their website, but maybe now that this is breaking news people will start inquiring.
Bill Gates supports half of the population getting exterminated. Ready for your shot?

Dr. Nucatola from Planned Parenthood says that these profits will go to other patients that wouldn’t be able to afford the procedure otherwise. Who is the regulator on these transactions though? How can we know for sure exactly how much Planned Parenthood is making, and what else might be going on behind the scenes to push young ladies to go through with any given branches supply demands. No one really knows what’s really going on behind the scenes and what the higher office management pushes their employees to tell their patients. Their lawyers have also told them to hold off on the official organ price menu as well. Are you still saying to yourself yes, yes, I don’t care Planned Parenthood does a service to help young girls that are in trouble, which I don't doubt, but let’s talk a little more about just how scandalous and money hungry this corporation can be.

Cartoon showing the irony of the Gardasil Vaccinations

There is an HPV vaccine that just came out called Gardasil. Gardasil is made by the Merck program. The Merck program is also head of the “Vaccine Assistance Program” which helps low income families pay for their required vaccinations. Planned Parenthood was ecstatic because now they made every employee not only inform each patient about the vaccine, but also signed them up for the Vaccine Assistance Program, and they would get all their Gardasil vaccinations covered (3 of them) and they would just have to pay $30.00. This allows Planned Parenthood to not only pretty much give away the vaccinations, but they are also reimbursed for every injection they give, because of the Vaccine Assistance Program. The latest wave of Gardasil advertisements just recently aired on B.E.T. (Black entertainment television) to not only specifically target the black population, but also to direct them to Planned Parenthood to get it free. Don’t think they are doing it to target the black community? Just google about the founder of Planned Parenthood’s founder being a racist. You will get all kinds of reading material as a result. Her name is Margaret Sanger.

What do you think about Planned Parenthood? Do you think they are an evil money hungry organization hell bent on eugenics and destroying mankind? Think this is all a song and show dance meant as a distraction? Sounds like food for sheep and the upcoming presidential election? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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July 13, 2015

Weird Parasite Fungus Attaches to Host Before Erupting From Head

Prosthetic zombie head with parasitic fungal spores
There is a strange parasitic fungus named Cordyceps. They attach their spores to ants, and it begins to disorient them, and control them, making them go crazy and wander from their trail. After a while, the cordyceps controls the ant to climb upwards on a limb of a tree, or on a plant, and forces the ant to close its pincers into the plant, and it dies. After a couple of hours, the ants head will erupt with his fungus. Its branch then spreads more spores on the ground to infect more ants. Could a fungus like this evolve to attach itself to humans and turn us all into flesh eating zombies? Its a possibility. That is the plot for the video game Fallout 3..... Coincidence? I think not.

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Could There be Life on Kepler-186f? It is Eerily Similar to Earth Like Conditions

Comparison view of Kepler-186f and Earth
How many other planets are in the goldilocks zone? There are so many planets in our cosmos, we haven't even seen a tiny fraction. Do you think that more of these earth cousins exist? Could they be older than Earth? Could they harbor a civilization light years ahead of ours? It is very possible. Not only could this planet harbor humans just like us, but they could be eerily just like us asking the same questions about a Kepler like planet far-far away. Or whatever they would call their on planet...Very cool.

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Video: In the Name of Satan(Satanic Panic) Full Length Documentary

Some sections of this video are ridiculous and don't make any sense. However, there are some parts that are really horrific. These people went through traumatic experiences having to do with the occult, strange rituals, and strange sex magic. These types of documentaries are not made anymore. This is full of information to help people understand just what goes on behind the hood of society. Deep within the bowels of our civilization festers a foul fungus known as satanism. Whether or not the power they receive exists or not, one thing is for sure, their crimes they commit are real. We have to be aware, and we cannot spread panic without understanding what these sickos are doing. Continue with caution...

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Strange Unexplained Broadcasts Heard Around the World...Really Strange

What could all of these broadcasts mean? There origin still has not been identified. Its strange to think that just maybe somewhere out there, there could be something we don't understand taking our different types of waves, maybe from another dimension. It isn't just the fact that the origin of these broadcasts can't be identified, its also strange what they seem to broadcasts. Some could be government codes, what could they really be...If you think you have an idea on what these strange radio broadcasts could be, then please leave a comment and let us know about it! 

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Crazy AARP Commercial Talks About Marial Law and some Sort of Outbreak!

This is no joke. I don't know what is going on with this, but it is really creepy. You can hear on the news broadcast in the background. They are telling everyone to remain calm. What do you think about this. Is it subconsious programming? Are they preparing us for martial law. Have you heard of Jade Helm, and all of the Walmarts closing? This is getting really weird. Check out this video for proof.

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July 1, 2015

Ghosts of Dead Children at Railroad Tracks in San Antonio Texas

San Antonio Texas Haunted Railroad Tracks with EVP. If you grew up around San Antonio, then you know this story. Go and see for yourself. Put baby powder on the bumper to see their hand prints. They push anything on the tracks. Its freaking weird.....

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June 9, 2015

The Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam - 5 Possible Theories

This is really crazy video about Elisa Lam and her death. Is it a conspiracy? Could a ghost have been following her? Did the government invent an invisible suit and killer her because she knows too much? You be the judge and check this video out...

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