August 24, 2014

Fact or Fiction: Could Vampires Be Real? Is There Proof?

Vampires have been the subject of many books, movies, and scary stories. Sometimes the vampires are depicted as mercilous blood suckers that are undead and care nothing about humanity. Sometimes though they are depicted in a way to make them seem less threatning to humans like in the Twilight films, and the HBO series True Blood. Do you think vampires could actually really exist?

It turns out that vampires not only exist, but there is a scientific explanation for their condition. The condition vHERV is an ancient retrovirus spread through the blood that actually makes you crave blood, and even want to drink it. Many other universities have done studies on this retrovirus and they say it boosts a peraons mental and physical strength, as well as even enabling psychic abilities in the brain. This retro virus has gone by other names such as the v5 virus and k15 virus.

There are also true reports of vampire like beings going far back into our human history. There were reports about vampires before we even had a word for them. Maybe next time you are walking down a poorly lit street without a sound, thinking you are alone,  you won't be.

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  1. There definitly are vampires just not the Hollywood vampires. it is caused by a wayward gene and makes you allergic to the sun and garlic. And they are the best patriots and best researchers do to there powerful minds and high integrity. I cant say how I know this for personal safety reasons but trust me on this.

  2. can u please do something on telekinesis, telepathy and teleportation?

    1. Sure I can, I have more time, so I will be posting more here. Thank you so much for staying connected. I appreciate it.


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