November 8, 2013

America Needs President Nixon: The Government Deserves to Be Wire-Tapped

We all already know that the government has been spying on all of us beginning in 2003 with the Patriot Act passed under President Bush’s term. Supposedly the Patriot Act was created so that the government could investigate possible crimes that could be committed by wire tapping every phone in America without a warrant. You thought that was bad? Now they are tapping everything you do online and with your cell phone. Not just who you call, not just what you say, but what you look up, what you buy, and what you click “like” on. Do you really think they are doing this to circumvent terrorist plots? I mean sure that is what they say, but come on have you heard of any that they have stopped since the beginning of this? This is about Analytics, political analytics so that they can further mold the minds of our youth and give them a puppet politician (President) that young people will vote for. They put these puppets into place by “addressing” issues through political puppet shows. Do politicians ever keep their promise? Not anymore.

WikiLeaks and the hacker/activist group Anonymous have been working hard bringing government documents and whistle blowers to light. Who else would do it? The government sure isn’t going to use their new found powers to investigate their self. This makes me think of what President Nixon did in a whole new light. He wiretaps one government building, and he is impeached. Obama wiretaps all of America and plays big brother with our outbound internet data, and he is thanked. I don’t get it. Why are we allowing this to happen?

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1 comment:

  1. I agree. Why are we allowing this to happen??
    What can we do? This fake real world the government has made us believe is not true. How can the American people unite and spark change?


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