June 29, 2013

Red Rain Phenomenon in Kerala India - Extra Terrestrial in Origin?

Do you believe in Aliens? Here is an interesting story. In Kerala India on August 2001 there was a strange red rain that fell down on all of its citizens. The rain was as red as blood. The rain was so red that many of the people thought it was the end of the world since the bible speaks of this in the book of Revelations. Even in other religions it speaks of the end of days baring red rain to signify the apocalypse. As you probably can guess this caused wide spread panic. The rain seem to continue for many days and even flooded many major cities and towns in the area. Godfrey Louis and Santhosh Kumar from the Mahatma Gandhi University in Kottayam were the first to actually run tests and analyse the strange rain. They were surprised to see that not only was the rain red, but it also seemed to have cells that resemble red blood cells and even contained DNA material.

Many tests were ran on these living cells contained in the red rain and they found that this was unlike any living cells on this planet. They found that it was resistant to not only chemical disinfectants, but they were also resistant to high temperatures and even gamma radiation. They found that even these micro organisms could replicate and multiply even under the most extreme conditions such as the vacuum of space. These cells are even radioactive at some level. Even though these facts should be mainstream knowledge every time this story was reported on in the main stream news it was also reported that these cells were from lichen spores which were evaporated into the atmosphere and then rained on the towns. This is similar to a cover story like swamp gas being explained for UFOs. The facts have never fully come out about this strange organism.

Godfrey Louis and his colleagues believe that the origin of this material was without a doubt from a comet or asteroid. Could that be where all life begins? Hurling through space hitching a ride on a moving body heading torward life baring planets like Earth? Could this be how all life was created? This story is very interesting and I feel that we may never have all the facts because it will always be covered up by the powers that be. What do you think? Have you heard of this? Leave comments below.

Here is a documentary on the BBC that highlighted just how strange this was:

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