February 28, 2013


In my previous post I wrote about over population. Its all true and it can be pretty scary. I live in Texas. The big news everyone is talking about is the beef shortage. In Texas we had a huge drought last year. We even broke a record for the amount of wild fires. The point is, corn and feed for the cows has become more expensive because the drought has affected the cost of feed.

Cattle farms don't require a lot of people to maintain, however their are many people employed at meat packaging plants that will be layed off. Beef prices will also go up because these companies will be paying more money for their meat. Recently in the news they were talking about how horse meat has been found in beef ground beef. No one is talking about who is responsible for this or which ground beef is affected. Who knows what kind of meat replacements or meat substitutes we might be consuming in the future.

Did you know that the FDA allows food companies to have a certain amount of insect and insect pieces inside their products? Its true. We eat insects on a daily basis. There is a taco truck operating right now in San Francisco called "Don Bugito's tacos" they serve larvae tacos. These larvae are from beetles. They will even sell you a kit to grow your own in a survival situation, or just to eat on a daily basis.
What do you think we will be eating in the future? Leave a message in the comments.


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