January 17, 2013

The Bottled Water Conspiracy: The New Oil

We all have been very thirsty from time to time and have indulged in a nice refreshing bottle of water. Have you ever stopped to think about where that water actually comes from? I did some research and what I found is surprising. Fresh clean water is now being searched for like oil underground so that it can be pumped out, filtered, and then bottled and sold back to the general public. Our god-given water in every single state in the USA is being pumped into water "refineries" or water filtration centers so that it can be bottled and shipped out to major retail chains across the country and even worldwide.

The other thing is we really do not know what they are adding to this water. Not really. Just because something is approved by the FDA does not make it safe. It is not like the FDA has its own open-minded scientists performing experiments trying to actually determine if any given substance is safe for human consumption. The FDA only accepts and approves findings based on tests and experiments that have been submitted to them, obviously mostly from the companies like *COUGH* coca-cola *COUGH* *COUGH* nestle *COUGH* who have paid scientists to make it look like their high fructose corn syrup is safe, oh and the aspartame too,  but that is a different story. We already know that the government has been adding fluoride to our drinking water, for mass sterilization, and dumbing down the masses, so who's to say they haven't forced the bottled water companies to do the same thing?

One of the biggest water sources in America is the Great Lakes. I decided to do some researching and I saw that Jesse Ventura has done a show all about it. He confronts Nestle the makers of "Pure-Life" bottled water sold at Walmart, and Kroger and even overseas in China. Not only are they selling it to China in bottled water form but they are also filling up ships with water so they can refill their aquifers. China is one of the biggest population centers in the world. They need water and lots of it. Now they are taking all of our water, while President Bush was worried about oil in Iraq. How stupid. I hope people wake up to this corrupt crap that is going on in our country. This stuff isn't talked about in the news they pay everyone off. They have all the money. They make us break our back so they can sell us back the water that comes from the Earth. What is wrong with this picture? Please leave comments below.

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  1. i only drink reverse osmosis and deionized water. i really need a handpump because i dislike having to rely on the grocery store. i try to tell everyone i know and love not to drink tap water. the whole thing is undeniably creepy. have you heard of dowsing? i am thinking of teaching myself how to dowse for water, or anything really, just to be prepared. i'm really glad you're still updating in the new year

  2. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I promise to update this site as soon as I have more information about what is going on behind the scenes on our planet. Please share this page with everyone you know. Thanks again.

  3. Hi. I live in south Georgia and I refuse to drink the tap water my city provides (at a price of course). If you turn the water on here where I live, all you can smell is BLEACH! Its honestly worse than a swimming pool with twice the amount of necessary chemicals. And it really makes me wonder what they're trying to hide with all the bleach. Ugh I hate our shaddy "government"!!


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