December 12, 2012

Earthquakes climate changes and just how rough 2012 was on planet Earth

One cannot deny that we haven't had the most earthquakes in 2012 than we have had in the past 20 years. Go Google how many earthquakes we have had in 2012. Not to mention serious climate changes that have affected all regions of the globe. is this because of the BP oil spill? No one really knows the long term effects of that...we have birds falling out of the sky, beached dolphins, dead crabs, all kinds of mysterious animal deaths I could go on and on...
Did you know a new volcano was created out of nowhere in the middle east? Where will the next one spring up? Could it be at Yellowstone? Nobody knows and the facts are intermixed with speculation. This is where the new age movement pushes the idea of the rapture and we need to get right with God. I won't tell you that's going to save your life, and I'm not going to tell you it's a bad idea. Like I said no one really knows what's going to happen. If someone does know how this is building up to a global catastrophe, trust me you won't hear about it. The people in the know aren't going to give you a press release to get prepared for what's to come.
Sure, you need stockpile food and water...maybe firewood, but you better protect your constitutional right to bear arms and ammunition. The problem is going to come when people panic because they have been media zombies watching bill O'Reilly thinking everything will be ok after their morning Starbucks. Does anyone remember the L.A. riots? Chaos. The National Guard didn't forget and trust me they're well prepared for civil unrest this time. God help us. Don't even get me started on our foreign relations, and ties many world leaders have with the Muslim Brotherhood. Are you ok with our currency saying in Allah we trust? They already took the united states under God out of our schools.
They try to act like this is for equality while our liberties are taken away. Benjamin Franklin would have thought of something if he were still alive. Do young people not understand how government works? Talk to your state officials...or keep eating your Cheetos. The choice is yours. They will take our guns next. I don't hate Obama I just love being free. Romney is a liar so don't think I'm about his stupid ideas either, oh wait he just doesn't have any. Either way different election same shit. They force you to choose. Divide and conquer. They want us to blame each other instead of the true politician criminals. The End. I'm done.

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  1. you are right about guns.
    What do you think,is obama know about whats going on in 21.12 or after?

  2. I don't think its about that. I think the Earth will end but its been here for 100s of millions of years. Before the Earth is gone, we as humans will kill each other because of our religious and political views. The Rothschild and the Rockefeller families have been pulling the strings for a millenia. Either things change or we will die in the next world war. The question is who will they get to fight next?


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