December 27, 2012

CNBC Executive's Children Murdered Under Strange Circumstances

This picture is fitting to this story because it shows just how big banks or "the elite" hide money, and do whatever it takes to keep it quiet. That is of course until the information comes out. At the intelihub website they released a story about a CNBC exec whose children have been murdered by their nanny, and then the nanny slit her own throat. This is after the CNBC exec named "Kevin Krim" reported on a bank's lawsuit over laundering 43 TRILLION dollars. This original article was taken down within hours after his children were killed on the CNBC website. This is proof that not only do elites run things behind the scenes like the Mafia they will do whatever it takes to keep this information from the public. 43 trillion dollars is a lot of money. Do your own research. Google Kevin Krim's name and read the information for yourself. Our country is run by the banksters that create the laws via proxy. Oh and the senate passed a bill so law enforcement can snoop on your e-mails without a warrant. Merry Christmas.

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