July 13, 2012

Conspiracy of The Isis Temple In The Grand Canyon

Lets go back in time. To a period in AMERICAN history when real archaeologists existed not just puppets of the establishment. I want to talk about an article in a newspaper called The Phoenix Gazette that was printed on April 5th, 1909. A man named G. E. Kinkaid was an archaeologist that was traveling down the Colorado River. He noticed an opening in the Grand canyon some 1500 feet below the surface. This was a huge opening that could only be made by man or some type of advanced civilization. It was not very easily accessible and he had to climb down the cavern wall all those feet down. Once he finally got there, he noticed right away that there were chisel marks at the opening of this intelligently designed cave. This was proof that it had been inhabited before by people or something intelligent.

The passageway that Mr. Kinkaid had found led to an even bigger chamber that had multiple passage ways that spun off of it like the spokes of a wheel. The huge area that he had discovered had enough room to accommodate more than 50,000 people. It was very massive in scale. He found a wide variety of tools forged from copper, and pottery/plates that had a glaze on them and very intricate designs. He shipped all of these artifacts to the Smithsonian Institute. Mr. Kinkaid had been working for the Smithsonian Institute for over 10 years and he never spoke of something so far fetched or outlandish before. In other words not only did he not have a reason to lie, but he shipped the proof to the Smithsonian Institute.

Immediately the Smithsonian Institute upon receiving these artifacts quickly dispatched a crew to do more exploring of the area. Mr. Kinkaid stayed as well to continue his work. The Smithsonian Institute sent a man named Prof. S. A. Jordan. Supposedly they found much more, proof that this civilization made their own tools on the spot and even had similar statues to those of Ancient Tibet. There was also proof that these ancient people smelted their own ores. Some of the ores that were found cannot be identified. They also found many vases and other liquid containers made of gold and other precious metals. Strewn very strange throughout the floor was a rock called "cats eye", or "tigers eye" which doesn't have great value, however it is very strange to look at, and is even considered good luck to this day. On the walls were very strange hieroglyphs. Some resemble animals and people as we know them today, others resemble prehistoric creatures that have long been dead. This alone could prove that this civilization existed during the time of these prehistoric animals found on the walls of the chambers. Mummies were also found that were mummified similar to the mummies of ancient Egypt.

The last thing I feel is important to mention is that a chamber was discovered that smelled very strong like a poisonous smell. Mr. Kinkaid describes it as being a very snaky smell. Did the ancients know how to create a poison or a trap? It is hard to say, one thing is for sure, they didn't go into that room.

Those are all the important points that are in the article from The Phoenix Gazette in 1909. After this article it was never spoken of again. No one knows what really transpired, or the exact details of what was found. Did the Smithsonian cover up these things because they knew it would cause all of the history books to be re-written. The Smithsonian Institute believes that all ancient cultures although similar in some cases (like with the pyramids, and megalithic structures) they did not have contact with one another. Do you really think that is true? Do you think there is a missing piece to the puzzle? I think Mr. Kinkaid believed he found it.

There is still no official record of this incident from the Smithsonian Institute. Many skeptics claim that this story was created because of "yellow journalism" which is the means in which newspapers used to generate sales by sensationalizing stories that they came across. The Arizona Gazette that inherited the archives from this article have no comment. The actual article can no longer be found in the archive in the Phoenix library. What do you think? Who is up for an adventure? Please leave comments below.

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  1. I'm not gonna lie I always wanted to be like and adventurer like Indiana Jones or like Tomb Raider finding artifacts, being very athelitic, and having weapons to protect me. But besides the silly dreams this article is very interesting. Its unfortunate this was never heard of again and when little evidence is left it does make me wonder if this was really true. I wonder is the opening still there today or is it not findable anymore?

  2. this is awesome. i'm kinda glad they hushed it up. it would be a tourist trap with a run down gift shop now. i am a zillion percent down for an adventure.

  3. I have never heard of this and I have been to the Grand Canyon many times as I am an Arizona resident. I am also a ufologist, researcher, and writer for The "EYES" Newsletter... A local paper, dealing with all things paranormal. So if anyone is down for the trip count me in! Thanks for posting!!!

  4. There's a book called "Woodrow & Theodore" how these two Presidents started undermining the Constitution and every since our Constitutional rights have been eroded (it's not new with Obama). Pres. Taft was a friend of Theodore Rooselvelt's, and I would think a cover-up was probable and came from the top.

  5. It's obvious that civilization was more advanced than today's, it's there if you look for it & know what your looking at.
    But history has been established with scientific "fact", what would happen if history coincided with the Bible? What would happen if science was proven to create a false history? Also the fact that dinosaurs never existed with man & then wiped out by an asteroid.... Proof that man & dinosaur existed at the same time, rode on then like a horse & while the proof even shows man to be the same as we are today *no neanderthal* would destroy, science, history, "trust in the stem" & the BS asteroid killed all the dinosaurs except humans. The people that beloved & trust the government will never believe a word they say. History & theories thru item out the window. Maybe the fall of this civilization, & the start of a better one. This one's broken & is all a lie, conspiracy's about the illusion/veil being lifted is another lie, the biggest one yet. Im sure you guys know about the "straw man", it's obvious you can't sign a contract at 2 days old. Yet your birth certificate is your first contract signed by your foot print lol, crazy world. Like living inside George Bush's dreams.

  6. Lol, thanks for reading JayQ I appreciate the comment too! Keep reading and stay posted! I plan on doing a lot more posts, I got the drafts building up, and I am bound to do many many posts soon as I will finally have more free time. If you have any ideas on things you think I should write about, and that I haven't covered just leave a comment and let me know and I will start researching. If anyone wants to send me more topics to research and write about, just send me an email to bizong at gmail !


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