April 2, 2012

Building 7, The 9-11 Truth Movement, and The Huge Skyscraper On Fire in Moscow, More Questions Than Answers

Building 7 right before collapse

The 9-11 truth movement has been happening for a very long time. While the towers went down, and later building 7, many people were already talking about how this was an inside job, and how they heard explosions in all buildings before they eventually came down. That very day people were speaking about this. The media coverage on the whole situation had sort of an eery script like presentation throughout the whole news reporting process on all channels. Almost as if this type of thing was being "practiced" or "rehearsed" before this disaster actually happened. I am not saying all news reporters knew that 9-11 would happen, and they did nothing about it, therefore there were no warnings to save any lives. That is not what I am saying at all. I am saying that all the major news outlets were probably practicing disaster drills, and live footage breakthroughs without knowing exactly what disaster was to come. Someone knew in the ranks of these news outlets such as CBS, NBC, and Fox news. I am sure of it.

Before you start thinking I am a 9-11 truther and that I am anti-government, I think you should hear me out first. I in no way ever sided with the 9-11 truth movement, and I am not anti-goverment, or anti-peace. I believe we must have a strong government that is aware of people's constitutional rights, both to be informed, and the right to free speech. This is what I am doing now, voicing some quick facts about the dreaded day. I always knew however something wasn't right about the information we were receiving live as the disasters were occurring.

I know what you're thinking. Why am I doing a post about 9/11 now? Why would I wait so long to voice on  opinion based on all the facts that are documented in the well known 9/11 commission report? Like I said I have never sided with the 9-11 truth movement because of lack of evidence, on both sides of the argument. You can only make an educated opinion based on knowledge that we learn throughout our time here on this Earth. This is why I bring it up now:

There has been a fire on a skyscraper in Moscow. It has been burning for almost 2 days and the fire has been put out. This was a HUGE fire, and they put it out by dumping water from the near by rivers onto the blaze to control it. Sure it was an ugly site, but the building was able to be salvaged. This building is the TALLEST skyscraper in Europe. So this skyscraper somehow was saved. When our buildings were burning (World Trade Center, Building 7) Why did we not have helicopters in the air? Why did we only have firemen that risk their lives to do something they obviously cannot tackle on their own. This I believe is the proof that the government had a different agenda. We had helicopters putting out dangerous forrest fires in Texas within hours of them starting to get out of control. The helicopters dumped water from nearby bodies of water. This seems like something they could have done during 9-11, but for some reason or another they just did not do it. Instead we had breaking news on every single channel, telling us about the horrific details of the entire situation. Where were the helicopters?

Another thing is this fire in Moscow on that skyscraper was burning like the fires of hell. The fire was very hot and took a long time before it was able to be put out and the building salvaged. If you look at footage of building 7 before the collapse you will quickly notice that any fire that could have brought down the building was simply not there. The official reason the 911 commission reports is that the building went down due to fire. This cannot be true. I want to share with you some other videos of fires burning in large sky scrapers all around the world and how they were saved. You will notice that none of these efforts were being executed during the 9-11 disaster. This is the proof, this cannot be denied. They must change their official story, it is obviously not JUST fire that brought down Building 7. You ready to see the proof? What I am about to show you are multiple sky scrapers all around the US that have had major fires in them, with very little media coverage (compared to 9/11) and were all taken care of and put out successfully thanks to the efforts of our government. Where were those efforts on 9/11. Not one helicopter in the sky.

This video is a fire that happened on a high rise in Los Angeles in May 4th, 1988. This fire was at First Interstate Bank, and it was on the 12th floor. This building did not collapse, and was put out successfully.

This skyscraper was burning in Houston Texas. The day it happened was August 30th, 2010. This building was successfully put out, and it did NOT collapse.

This was a scary fire. It was in Shanghai, and it burned for a long time. This building however, did NOT collapse.

South Korea even has problems with burning sky scrapers, and they still get their helicopters to put it out. Another thing to note is that this happened during an Earthquake. I know there are a lot of people out there that say because the fire in Building Seven was a fire in the lower part of the building, it compromised its structural integrity. This is total bullshit, and trust me a 7.0 Earthquake could cause just as much damage to any building's structural integrity, this building in Shanghai was also in fire. This building DID NOT collapse. Our Building 7 did.

There is no fire in any of these buildings, but this is a crazy earth quake. It causes many of the buildings to sway. This is in Japan. The earthquake was so powerful it was moving these buildings and doing the impossible. These buildings DID NOT collapse.

And this is our World Trade Center collapse. Pretty amazing. Any fire on that building could have and SHOULD have been contained. It was not. Instead people were being told to keep their distance, and to stay away. People could hear the explosions that were on site. This building was not hit by a plane. There is no jet fuel story they can say here. Nothing looked hot enough to heat steel. I am not an engineer but many professional engineers have spoken out about this demolition. In every suggestion from a professional engineer they will tell you WITHOUT A DOUBT, that it not only looks like, but IS a controlled demolition. You can see other videos of controlled demolitions on YouTube. If a building were to collapse by fire, you can bet the aftermath would have been much worse, and damaging to other buildings surrounding it. I have never done a post about 9/11, and both sides of the story. This is my first one, and I have done this article to show one key point in the argument that is not explained in the 9/11 commission report in truth. Am I a 9/11 was an inside job kind of guy? Depends who you call the inside, our government operates on multiple levels, and not everyone is to blame for keeping this awful secret, but someone needs to come forward with the real truth. The "truth" we have been given does not add up. It doesn't take a rocket scientist (or an engineer) to figure that out. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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  1. The governments of the world and the royal elite are not here to take care of you. They are here to kill you. They are not unwittingly trying to kill you. They are deliberately trying to kill you. They are deliberately trying to kill you, but for a reason that eludes even them. Within in the trance state, what seems good and right, and what is justified as sound reasoning and socially acceptable, is absolute insanity when held up to the standard of awareness and wisdom. This deliberate, elusive, and unwitting state of confusion drives the elite of the world to serve a master they know little of.

    However, when the distractions of this 3 dimensional illusion maintain a disconnection from reality, we forfeit our power and strength. It makes no difference whatsoever what we do, or how much we do in this 3D experience, just don’t believe its real, or lend credence and value to this illusory plane. These riches and these systems are more prevalent now than at anytime in history. We become horrified at the thought of losing our 3 dimensional possessions and will resist and react furiously at the thought of losing them, …just as they want us to do.

    This resistance and reaction is the manipulative tool that they need to keep perpetuating the veil that disconnects us from REALITY. Without the fear they purposely manufacture through wars, genocide, religion and science, and so on, they would have nothing. Fear is the manipulation machine they need. Fear is resistance. Fear is reaction. Fear, resistance and reaction is mind control hypnosis of the masses. We have no need to fear, react or resist. The world systems should have no hold on us and the loss of anything gained from the 3 dimensional world should be incidental. The reason it shouldn’t have a hold on us is because it’s not real. 3 dimensional physical wealth in any form, is just energy, a light molecule whirling about, mascarading as something real and it’s simply not there. ENERGY is THOUGHT, and this THOUGHT originated with the exercising of the EGO in the eternal state by the egregore thinkers.

    The information that has been made available from other sources has been allowed as a smoke screen to throw those seeking off track. What is coming is far worse than a global fascist/communist state. What is coming is a devastation so massive humanity is going to plead for a New World Order and a messianic-style king.


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