March 19, 2012

UFO Sphere Like Object Attached To Sun

Something strange is going on with our sun. The sightings of a strange sphere like object has been seen "attached" to our sun since March 11th. I am not sure what this object could be. Many people are already starting to compare it with the death star from Star Wars. It does kind of look like a planetary body, almost as if our sun is giving birth to a planet. Many theories have come to light regarding this object. I know from experience from having this blog so many years, that It's probably not a good idea to jump the gun and start coming up with crazy theories so early, but the fact is this thing really baffles me. I am not sure what we are looking at here. I have also checked SOHO and have also seen the object using the cameras on the JPL website.

Do you think this object is the product of an alien race? Could they be extracting energy from our sun? NASA has already said that this happens all the time and It's normal. The problem is I have been watching our sun for years via SOHO (NASA's own equipment) and I have never seen this anomally. Is NASA trying to hide something? It wouldn't be the first time. The official story is that this is a natural normal occurring phenomena. If you ask me they could of come up with something better than that, but hey its better than denying its existance outright.

This object stays stationary and does not move. It stays attached to the sun in the exact same position. What could it be extracting from the sun? My first guess would be hydrogen, but it could be even more simple than that like just heat, or light to power their planetoid shaped ship via alien solar panels of some sort. Maybe the reason why it is attached is only so that it could keep its position and resist the sun's gravitational field. What do you think this object could be? Here are some videos about the object that are making their way around YouTube...

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  1. Hey, cool but very similar to what I posted earlier on. Yes I suggested it looks like the sun giving birth, and no one else made that comparison before. I also believe in the Sun Goddess.

  2. Thank you for your comment! That is strange you came up with the same theory as me! I assure you I did not see your previous post. I wonder what this object really is and if it means we are in danger....thanks again!

  3. Okay. Thanks for replying on that. This has happened before so... In reference to the object near the sun, there hasn't been enough close images of the sun like that before.


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