February 26, 2012

Strange Sounds Heard All Around The Planet, What is This Noise?

Do you think we are living in the end times of the Bible? Do you believe 2012 is really the end of everything as we know it? That is a hard question for anyone to wrap their head around. Strange sounds have been heard all around the world that sound like a deep trumpet noise. Is this the trumpet from the angel's from Revelation in the Bible? It reminds me personally of the sound from War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise. The sound is eerily familiar to that noise. No one knows what this noise really is. Not only that, but people aren't able to tell if the strange noise is coming from the sky or the ground. Very strange indeed. This is not a couple of people making this report, nor is it something that has been happening in the past couple of years...This is something new that is happening now, and I am not sure I am satisfied with any explanation as of yet. Some people describe the sound that they are hearing like a highway with wide trucks flying by. The problem is these people reporting these sounds don't live next to a highway.

Could this be a result of activity going on in deep underground bases? Is the military involved in this somehow? This noise is a great mystery and we need to get to the bottom of it. Whatever it is, it doesn't sound natural at all. In history people speak of strange noises, but this is a genuine mystery of 2012. Do aliens really have deep underground bases, in conjunction with military and galactic clearance individuals that surpass even the President's clearance? That would be something...People have claimed that they have come in contact with reptilian beings that live deep under the Earth. These sounds are like they are almost a mechanical sort of device of large size that are on the move.

This sound could even be a tear in our dimension. A tear in our dimension that could be opening a hole into another world that we have never been in contact with. Maybe that is what the Mayans and other civilizations meant by the year of 2012. Not the end of our world, not the beginning of a new cycle, but the entering in of a new world through a portal that has been opened that lets us contact beings of another space and time.

Here is a video compilation of all of the noises that have been happening all around the world.

So what do you think is this the booming trumpet of the apocalypse? Tearing into a new dimension? Aliens underground? Leave a comment and let me know what you think. I will post more information I find about the strange noises here.

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  1. A few of these are rather interesting, however others I'm certain are flat out hoaxes (clearly copies of the Alberta recording overdubbed onto an new video). The one in Clonkin Alberta, Canada to me seems quite legit as there are people in this video who can ultimately be identified to verify the event. Additionally, they seem somewhat surprised and befuddled by the noises. Also, but to question, how can anyone interpret this sound as a trumpet?

    As for others which are described as 'highway-like' sounds are interesting, but may (possibly) be explained as the effect "acoustic shadows" which were noted at times of several battles during the American Civil War.

    Others strike me as a bit suspicious is that there, in the distance, are people moving about, and if these sounds are as LOUD as claimed, why do not any of these other potential witness seem to notice it, pause and look around, etc. In another video you can hear kids playing outside but there is no sounds of distress or other excitement coming from them. Again if the sounds are claimed to be real and that loud... Additionally, there doesn't seem to be any affect from the person doing the video recording given the freakish nature of the event, especially given that we hear people "freak out" if they are doing recording and happen to catch something as mundane as an automobile accident in the background.

    Over all, interesting but inconclusive.

  2. This sound is the hollow resonance chambers of mining deep under with fracking , creating caves. We are hollowing the earth.

  3. Hi ecosutra. Thanks everyone for posting. Do you think that if they really are chambers in the earth that is the result of mining, don't you think we would have heard it more often in previous years? Thanks for your reply. I think its strange how close this sound is to War of the Worlds. Didn't they come from the ground in that movie? I'm not sure. Thanks again for your comments.

    1. In the War of the Worlds book, the aliens were said to have come from Mars, and crashed in their spaceships. Remember this was written several generations ago, before NASA and the Hubble telescope.

    2. Thanks for your comment, in the movie I remember them coming from the ground. I didn't mean that's where they originated from, I was speaking of the place they were hiding all around the Earth. They were hiding in the ground (atleast in the movie anyways, I am not familiar with the book) I am obviously not comparing the strange sounds to the book though, sounds don't come from a book. I was speaking of the movie.

  4. Interesting post Ray. I like this. :)

    I have a strong agreement with "Proclaimations from the Dark Side"'s statements above. (with out repeating all) If any of the sounds are real, which I think many or most are faked, then maybe the massive HAARP




    devices could have some affect on the the landscape to create sounds. HAARP can do many things...Test maybe? results could be including death? Hmm" What do you thing of that? Are they testing something at low levels? Or is it a natural flaw in the structure of the the earth? ETC

    Great find Ray. Thank you.


  5. according to the 2012 farmers almanac all dec.21 2012 is is the last time venus is some what visible

  6. I tried to read about the apocalypse from the bible and honestly I think it's crap and prooves that GOD as we know it does not exist because it speaks about a door which opens in the sky and about some beings which are very odd and have lots of eyes all over the body. I couldn't finish reading because I reached a point where I couldn't understand a thing anymore...Anyways, it's clear that from the bible you understand that our lovely and protective 'God' wants to destroy us in any awful possible way and that does not give a s**t about us. And why is that? It's because we are sinners and we do not believe in Him...and why should us believe? I mean He left us this way..He created our mind, He knew that we only believe something if we see it..so why is He angry now? It's not like he showed us that He exists...This is my opinion...I realy don't know what to believe...I'm just researching and if He exists hope that HE will show himself to save us from this destructive world.


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