February 7, 2012

Could World War 3 Be Started On The Internet?

Everyday someone is getting hacked. What happens when it is the US government? We have many countries that of course deny responsibility. Who is to blame? The hacker group Anonymous intercepted an FBI conference call on unsecured communications and proved just how easy it was or is to spy on the FBI. Who is Anonymous? Well based on the name alone it might be quite a bit of effort to find these individuals. They already hacked the CIA's website and I still haven't heard of any arrests, or even a name of the person responsible. Can the ringleader of this hacker group be found? Probably not. In the past when a very young kid from the UK hacked in to NASA looking for aliens, he was tracked very easily. Most amateurs are. As the internet gets more and more high-tech and the tools that hacker's use to infiltrate servers gets more and more complex, it is going to be much harder to track the people responsible.

With hack attacks on major computer systems at almost every big corporation something must be done. What can be done though? Our government and the UN try to pass these laws that take away our rights, liberties, and freedoms. They want to pass SOPA and PIPA to take down any site they want because they say its for “copyright infringement”, yet a site like megaupload that has tons of copy-written content can be pulled in a matter of hours. What the hell do they need SOPA and PIPA for? They want to pass these laws underhandedly so we can not be there to protest them, or even understand what the fine print really means. That reminds me, SOPA and PIPA is not over it just has been pushed back to a later date. Who knows what is going to happen with the future of the internet. One thing is for sure, it might be where the firsts acts of World War 3 originate. I mean check out this video of the stuxnet virus...

We live in very scary times. Do we have the best hackers that can combat all the other hackers of the world that hate America? I hope so. No one saw this coming, and I fear this could be how the next world war is started. By a cleverly made computer virus. Let's hope we have some really good hackers on the American team. Who knows what the Chinese, Russians, and even Iranians have already downloaded from the multiple openly exploitable servers around the world and in the USA. Good luck security firms. This is going to be one hell of a fight. I just hope we get to keep our rights and liberties, while at the same time, figure out a way to keep our information safe. We are definitely living in a new Cold War era. A cyber cold war. Leave comments and let me know what you think.

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