December 9, 2011

Huge Cloaked UFO Revealed Next to Mercury

This is amazing. Our sun's CMEs or Coronal Mass Ejection (solar wind that has been released by the sun into space) has been showing magnificent pictures on the Navy's website called SECCHI. Recently, on December 1st, 2011 there was something strange that was revealed. If you were watching the website you saw that a cloaked space vehicle that is very huge showed itself. Was it because the CMEs from the sun disabled their cloaking device? Let me know what you think happened.

Here is a link to the Navy's website where this all went down:

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  1. I just report on stuff I find, I believe this is real. I think it warrants more research....

  2. hi Ray u r not posting frequently hope all is ok! I watched the movie Melancholia yesterday and it reminded me of your blog and Nibiru, I am also writing an online apocalyptic novel check it out if interested it is called Anomaly, here is the link :)

    I was wondering what proof does this video have that shows the object was masked could it be a meteor?

  3. We have to ask a meteor expert on this...if a meteor would 'shine' if it's hit by the sun's heat or light or whatever...


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