November 5, 2011

History of Satanic Video Games

Usually when people think of other people that have sold their soul to the devil for success, everyone is quick to generalize that into musicians and politicians. This is not always the case. I know there are evil forces in this world. I know there are some things we just should not tamper with. Everyone that has a good moral character, would understand this. Some of these symbols I am about to show you are symbols most people would call satanic but also do not fully understand their purpose. They affect our brain and bring about the intentions of evil and very negative things. Whenever I hear the term someone "sold their soul", just so that they could be successful, I think that has to do with people doing strange rituals, and aligning themselves with astrological bodies, star systems, and energies that all of us do not fully understand. To do this is extremely risky, but that doesn't mean people are not willing to take that risk. I have done a lot of research on this blog about video games, secret societies, and different magickal practices. I have done some serious investigating into the secret organizations that run this planet. It is all very scary stuff, they have many tools to help keep us stupid, and numb to what's really going on in our politics behind the scenes, that rob us of our freedoms and liberties. Video games, like the music industry, is one of those tools. I am going to show you some games from our past, that have been wildly successful. Yes I will admit they are great games, but for some strange and unknown reason, they have these controversial, yet powerful symbols within the game all over the place. To me that kind of hints at where their agenda really lies when creating this software. Did one of the game developers at ID Software, EA sports, or Blizzard Entertainment actually sell their soul to the devil? Let me show you some evidence I have found...

These 2 screen shots are from the extremely popular Doom series created by ID software in 1993. ID software has many symbols in their games that Christians would consider satanic. They have the inverted cross, burning pentagrams, and goat heads symbolic of Satan himself. I know people out there are thinking oh, I'm atheist so none of this stuff really matters. Wrong. They could have been successful without the use of these symbols. Who told them to add them in? These symbols are triggers for your subconscious. They are powerful on many levels. Many years ago mothers were angry with ID Software because they said Doom was too violent. Did any of them see the countless devil/demonic references? Are there that many people that just don't believe in God anymore? Why would ID Software stir the pot and not only make their game the most violent game of its time, but also add the most references to satan or the devil? This was way before the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) that rated games that were age-appropriate for children. ID Software sold billions of copies of Doom all around the world. In many different languages, becoming a quick favorite of every 13 years old around the world with a 386 or better computer. I was one of those kids. We are the generation that remembers.

ID Software after being so successful with their Doom series with both Doom, and Doom 2 versions, decide to make a new series, Heretic. I was still quite young when I would play this on my uncle's computer because he was the "cool uncle", I could do so without my parents' permission, and check out the violent games. I took advantage and we played Heretic till 3am some nights. I remember being scared of the demonic entities, and the strange symbols that were found throughout the game. That did not stop me or my uncle from being completely overwhelmed and wanting to see what was at the end of this computer game. We fought and fought our way threw and to this day the images stick in my mind. Heretic was another big hit for ID Software. Did they do this by making a game that was less violent or satanic? No. This time they upped the ante. They made a game that was even more so against one's religion. To be a heretic would mean you were committing heresy, which basically means the denouncing of your religion. I could not believe that this game, despite all the controversy from the Doom series, a 12-year-old kid could pick up at their local software store. These games were successful for a reason.

And then there was Hexen, and Hexen 2. Following the Heretic series these games were probably the most satanic. They had strange symbols and even had ties to Egyptology, and Biblical references. In both Doom and Heretic there was a "God mode" where if you typed in this cheat code, you would be invincible. In Hexen they changed all that. Now you directly typed in "SATAN" in the game, and you were like God, invincible. Was this another way these game creators were instructed to infiltrate our brains by the devil himself? Who was telling them to add this in the game? More importantly did they sell their soul to be successful? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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  1. dude you are an idiot man lmao nice reach here but you're totally wrong.

  2. Right...I'm the idiot whenever I'm trying to open up peoples eyes based on the clues in video games. I mean even the creators of the hugely popular World of Warcraft were first successful in creating the Diablo series. What do you know that could counter my statement. You think you can come on my blog and call me an idiot? Nothing is more idiotic than having a closed mind. I assume you are a fan of these games, and I would guess your probably religious and don't like what I have to say. Next time instead of name calling you can post facts like I have, instead of your ignorant comment.

  3. For the record I know blizzard and ID created other games before these satanic games. I'm also not religious. The fact is however none of their previous games became as popular as their recent more satanic versions. Such as Diablo 3. Google it it was just released. It broke records around the world. Go nitpick facts on another blog.

  4. Hi Ray.
    The signs of some evil/occult symbols in games are evident. I am also doing some research these days about occult symbolism and so on.
    Let me tell you something: Now I am 25 and if I was 13 and you told me that Doom or Hexen is evil or even dangerous I am gonna laugh at it.
    Even now I sometimes play GTA and I just like to crash cars and knock some people. But it´s just virtual. Therefore the games exist.
    But when I see so many evidence about occult symbols everywhere music/entertainment/films I am quite deranged. I am not sure how dangerous it can be.
    But let me show you some example: If you were a musician or some artist .. you will soon come to that point that you want just to explode your work. You know I mean? It´s evident in metal music but I think it´s in every genre .. Justice for example. Their music is so strong .. they just can´t play some mellow stuff because it´s boring. But it´s also true that you can find some symbols in their clips ("on and on").
    And the games are the same I think.You just can´t release some game about collecting apples. I think childrens like some fun and action.
    So? What we have to do now? Ban everything?
    I think we should have eyes open and be careful.

  5. I still love Doom. Satanic or not, it is still a great game with great gameplay.

  6. I back you up man! , great info , keep going , Devil contolls almos all the world industries... no doubt about it :) God Bless you , i do belive in a God nowdoubt if there is a devil there is a God ...


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