August 18, 2011

Kanye West: Heartless Music Video - Subliminal Messages Decoded

We already know that Kanye West is a Freemason. We know this because of music videos like Power, and secret handshakes that people have caught him doing with Jay-Z and Nas. Jay-Z has even done a song with Rick Ross that is called 'Freemason'. This is a proven fact. I want to talk about one of Kanye West's music videos called 'Heartless'. I have found a number of hidden and secret messages throughout this video that many people I believe have overlooked. Even though this video seems harmless, it obviously hints to the fact that the elite power structure that runs our planet is in the know about some catastrophic event, that could potentially cause the deaths of billions of people. I would also like to note that the cartoon style used in this video was made before by Tupac Shakur, with the song "Do For Love". Notice how just the 2 titles of the song are completely opposite of each other. Tupac's last album was Killuminati before he died. Here is Tupac's video Do for Love if you are interested.

I know this isn't exactly the best quality but times were different in the time of Tupac and the computers were obviously not as powerful. I just thought this was interesting right off the bat. Now lets get into what actually is inside the video...

Now this song has nothing to do with canned food. I am sure Campbell's soup did not need a plug from Kanye West. With all of the conspiracy theories going around these days people are storing more and more food right now. Soon canned food will become a form of currency and will be highly desired in a end of the world scenario. Why Campbell's soup though? I think because the Campbell's company is also one of the richest companies and is definitely influenced by a secret society or fraternal order. Think of the silent monopoly Campbell's Soup actually has in all of our supermarkets. Also notice that all of the Cs in the above picture display "666".

Now you see a storage container possibly for the soup? It also has the checkerboard symbolism that every Freemason loves, and that is inside every single Freemasonic lodge. The colors of the case are also Louis Vuitton. You better believe they are another big company with big money with their high end products being sold all over the world, and being pushed by rappers of all kinds. Why show a storage trunk in this scene? Is Kanye trying to tell us that it might be a good idea to store canned goods and other food? It is definitely a possibility.

Now this woman is ducked down by the chest and covering her ears. What are the inspirations for this scene? Is something going on outside? Can she hear explosions? People screaming? Why is she so scared? Very interesting stuff.

Kanye has done a song called Flashing Lights, and in this video the giveaway that Kanye West knows something about the coming disasters that are about to plague our planet is the flashing lights in this video. Notice all the lights in this image. I know its kind of hard to see but you can see "Paranoid Place", and "Love locked down lane". This is also accompanied by a police logo, that I think symbolizes a policed state with your love locked down, and only the paranoid, are getting the real news.

Here you see "Nightmare Lanes", "Eartless" (which could mean Earth-less), and Robocop. Also you can see "THE VISION" written on what seems like a government building built by the establishment. You can also see Drugstore. Now lets get to what all these could mean. I think that a nightmare is coming for all of us. We being not in the know don't actually know exactly what it could be, but apparently Kanye West does. As far as Earth-less goes I'm wondering if that could mean destruction by a planetary body, causing either a pole shift, or just a huge collision with Earth. The Vision obviously stands for the New World Order. You can also see the word "Winter" twice in this scene. What does he mean by cold winter? Could we be looking at a possible nuclear winter from nuclear fall out? Are we looking at some kind of real ice age type of event? Who knows. Notice whats very close to Paranoid Place....a drug store. Thats what the elite want, you to take their prescription drugs (billion dollar industry) and turn you into a vegetable, so that you cannot fight to survive. Only the strong survive.

Please play this video yourself and see if you can notice any more subliminal messages designed to enter our subconscious. This has really begun to interest me. It has so many clues, if you are quick enough to catch them. Please leave comments and let me know what you think or find. I hope you have enjoyed my decoding of Kanye West's music video 'Heartless'.

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August 4, 2011

Britain's Monarch Programme, Project Mannequin, and David M.

Dave M is supposedly some sort of whistle blower that is revealing a connection between MI6 and other black ops government agencies/programs with ritual satanic child abuse, mind control applications, non-human life forms, and extra terrestrials. He was even a victim in the program Britain calls “Super Soldiers”. At first this guy is a little hard to understand, and he fumbles a lot. Remember though, he has been through some serious trauma, and has gone through hypnosis and other methods to wipe certain things from his memory. He says though, as he gets older some of these memories start coming back to him. Project Mannequin is supposedly the original code name for this project, and it was released in Britain's newspapers. I believe all of this wicked mind control, and ritualistic killings took place in some degree. Its like the people involved in Project Mannequin were molding together both vast scientific knowledge along with vast occult or mystery school/religion practices. Is there really an active base in Somerset near Taunton in England that actively practices mind control and occult practices on unwilling men, women, and children? That is a good question. There have been many allegations of this being true, and no press or media coverage despite efforts to contact the local news in the area. High ranking people know whats going on, and some don't. All they really need to know is they are to distract from that issue in the main stream media. Our media does it here in the United States. There are 2 methods to move on to the next issue, one is to offer up some obsurd explanation that we are supposed to be spoon fed, so that other mindless sheep can use it in their arguments around the world, and the other method of diversion is simply act like it doesn't exist. This I believe is what is occurring in England.

There is a famous case in England about a poster girl named Candy Jones. Notice that her name is very generic. Like most stars and celebrities now days, they change their name to be more simple, or have more punch like a sales advertisement. This is actually exactly what your name is. Its your brand. Famous people have been changing their name for years. What is the significance? Well Candy Jones was involved in a sort of mind control experiment to deliver messages from one secure location to the other. The black ops in 2 different countries instead of printing documents, or talking over the wire about their illegal activities would have a person like Candy Jones who was a very beautiful model, to fly from one place to another. This wouldn't be strange right? Not for someone like Candy Jones. She had been mind controlled she thought she was just having a cup of tea with someone on 1 side, when she was really getting hypnotized and would get a message embedded into her subconscious so she could fly to another secure location and bring it over to that side, where through some type of hypnosis, they would be able to extract the encoded message in her brain with trigger words. Now because this message was not only encrypted but also in her own subconscious she was not even aware of this process. She could have been tortured, or pressured to give out this secret encrypted info, but she did not know she had any information at all. This information could have never been extracted from Candy Jones unless you know the trigger words. This is very interesting stuff. This is the type of knowledge and power black ops officers in most large countries actually have. Governments keep secrets. They have to for national security right? You don't have to be smart to know that its in a lot of movies. I have already spoke in previous posts about the hidden subliminal messages in Hollywood. Its all over my blog.

Lets continue with Mr. David M. though. The video I am about to show you is actually a statement by David M. it contains serious allegations and claims to some weird stuff. It speaks of agencies that really do not have any regard for human-beings at all. Especially if they aren't contributing or helping them in some way. Like being a “super soldier”, or a hip/hop superstar (cough) Jay-Z (cough).

David does not just have testimonial, and accounts of what happened, but he also has weird implants. He speaks of alien symbiotes similar to how the suit of Venom was an alien organism. This is all pretty weird. Please let me know what you think in the comments.

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