July 20, 2011

The Truth about The Freemason Pope Benedict

I don't know what you think, but to me this Pope Benedict looks very evil and sinister. Just looking at his smile is creepy to me. I have found this video on YouTube and it is undeniable. That is definitely a fellow craft masonic handshake. Is the catholic faith really infiltrated by the Freemasonic brotherhood or fraternity?

You be the judge. People don't shake hands like this, not unless you are in Rockafella Records, or work for the Disney channel. Here is a picture of catholic cardinals doing the Nazi salute. This is despicable. Thou shall not kill? Yea right.

Lets not forget that the Nazi regime was practically approved by the Vatican. Not to mention the Crusades, and the inquisition. They even approved the viscous slaughter of native Americans, and deemed them as pagan devil worshipers. Very interesting. The Mayans and other native people had vast knowledge that we still do not comprehend today. Sure we have snippets of information, but everything else was destroyed with approval from the Vatican. Please leave comments and let me know what you think.

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  1. he is the most satanic looking pope i ever saw

  2. Popes John Paul 1 and 2 and a Benediction To Boot...

    The Popes of the Roman Catholic Church are big players in nthe NWO and far from being innocent loving old men, they are deceit filled luciferian thinkers. The name Paul is derived biblically from Saul of Tarsus. Saul changed his name to Paul after he saw the light, that he should stop persecuting the christians. Saul is just another name for the Sol, the Sun. When applying the reasoning of the luciferian hypnotic mind, if Saul is Sol, then Paul is Pol. Next, the word Pol is Pole, as in North and South Pole. Next step, these 2 Poles are also Pauls, as in Pope Paul 1 and Pope Paul 2.

    It doesn’t end there however, Pope John Paul 1 and 2 includes the name John. John comes from the name Oannes, or One, the fish god, the god of the seas and water. This was Nimrod of Babylon. From this we can see that the name John Paul simply means Water Pole. There are 2 of these Water Poles, one North and one South, one John Paul 1st and one John Paul 2nd. These 2 popes chose their names, one right after the other, to implant the subliminal message concerning the Water Poles and the global climate change now upon us. They implanted the suggestion without anyone suspecting anything amiss, and now we’re right in the middle of the global climate change scam, aimed at destroying much of humanity.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t end with these 2 popes. The current chap is Pope Benedict. The Benediction given in the Catholic Church is the blessing, where the priest holds up the host (wafer), and makes the sign of the cross over his flock, gives them his blessing and sends them on their way. Well, in this case the sign of the cross can be seen all across North America. The blessing is that of death. It is in death, that eternal life can only be realized, according to the sun worship principles of christianity, freemasonry, etc. This time they’re going for the big death, with the big cross, delivered by the highest priest, the luciferian mind itself. They’re going for the Big One and the only way to not experience the horror, is to step out of the trance state by not believing anything you see taking place. This disbelief diffuses the concentration of energy and thought needed to bring the devastation to a climax. A further benefit achieved through this disbelief and cynicism, is a definite reconnection to awareness and each individual person reclaims the power that is rightfully theirs.

    "Watch Wait & Don't React".

  3. hi,




    capt ajit vadakayil

  4. And why do we 'worship' the cross, the thing on what Jesus was crucified? We were tought to do that in order to remember a sad moment in our history or in order to praise it, to be glad that it happened? Why do we use the cross that symbolize the death ?


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