July 20, 2011

The Truth about The Freemason Pope Benedict

I don't know what you think, but to me this Pope Benedict looks very evil and sinister. Just looking at his smile is creepy to me. I have found this video on YouTube and it is undeniable. That is definitely a fellow craft masonic handshake. Is the catholic faith really infiltrated by the Freemasonic brotherhood or fraternity?

You be the judge. People don't shake hands like this, not unless you are in Rockafella Records, or work for the Disney channel. Here is a picture of catholic cardinals doing the Nazi salute. This is despicable. Thou shall not kill? Yea right.

Lets not forget that the Nazi regime was practically approved by the Vatican. Not to mention the Crusades, and the inquisition. They even approved the viscous slaughter of native Americans, and deemed them as pagan devil worshipers. Very interesting. The Mayans and other native people had vast knowledge that we still do not comprehend today. Sure we have snippets of information, but everything else was destroyed with approval from the Vatican. Please leave comments and let me know what you think.

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July 7, 2011

Facebook, Zynga and The Freemason Plan for World Domination

Facebook is growing at a very fast and exponential rate. They are a force to be reckoned with in the Social Networking game. They draw people in to their world, and then instantly you are updated with your friends every single move, games to play, and status updates of your favorite companies and destinations. Everything is becoming easily shareable and in some cases this can be a good thing, but when does it become bad? When do you not use networks like this because you know it is being easily searched by the government and other people of power to violate your privacy. We already know that happens every day on the phone with the Patriot Act, but Facebook is easily search able because everything is text. Everything stays in the database for years so that it can be pulled back up at a later date. I wonder how many people realize this? Microsoft has purchased Skype recently and is going to team up with Facebook so that Facebook can offer video chat right on the page. Are you going to take Facebook's word for it and believe that your video chat session isn't stored on their server? Don't be naive.

Lets talk a little bit about how Facebook gets you to stay engaged and hooked on its services. They have released an SDK or Software Development Kit so that companies can develop applications that use your Facebook information and friend data so that you can play games, take quizzes, or even share funny stuff on your wall. At the beginning, this feature seemed harmless and it had a lot of bugs. Thats when the big Facebook game boom came. Everyone and their mom was playing on Farmville, Mafia Wars, Frontierville, and they don't just play these games, they become addicted. Dr. Phil has done a show about a mother that could not stop playing Farmville. Dr. Phil eventually tells her to grow a real garden. The way these games take over your life is very interesting. I can only think of one major Facebook game company (Zynga) that has made it a point to develop these overly addictive games so that you cannot stop playing, and in some cases purchase virtual money with real money. Not only are these companies raking in major profits from their games that funnel money out of you, but they keep you on Facebook so that you can be flooded with ads, and keep you active with your friends. I have done months of research playing these Zynga games on Facebook and I found some very strange symbolism in them and subtle clues that point to a New World Order, global corruption, and even to the Freemasons. I will now show you some of the screen shots I have collected and let you decide for yourself. Why would they need to put this in any game? How are these games instant hits worldwide? This shows you just how easily the global elite can infiltrate your mind. Make sure you click on the screen shots to zoom in.

Above is a picture of the game Mafia Wars created by Zynga and shows how the company uses little clues to affect your subconscious. Usually when you see one eyed symbolism, no matter what you call it, is often used to describe the Freemasons. The Freemasons have used the one eye, or "The Eye of Providence", or "The All-Seeing Eye" for a very long time. The uninitiated like myself, don't really know the true origins of the eye, but usually historically we usually tie it back to either the Eye of Ra, or the Eye of Horus in ancient Egypt. They use these magically charged symbols to increase the popularity of this game some how. This is just one example, and there are many more that you can find on your own.

Here is another picture from Mafia Wars that has a job title of "Swear An Oath of Vengeance" usually when you swear an oath and are wearing a suit, you are taking the Oath as a Freemason, and are being initiated into their fraternity. This can't be a coincidence and shows that whoever created this game is aware of such oaths, and is trying to come up with ideas to keep the user engaged. Very strange stuff.

On top of multiple levels of corruption showed in this screen shot as a reward for the final job I received a matchbook from a Las Vegas casino called Giza. I think the pyramid symbolism and Egypt ties found in this game is astonishing. I cannot believe how in your face some of this symbolism is. Could this be why people get so addicted? What is Zynga doing to our minds?

Vampire Wars is yet another Facebook game created by Zynga. This game also has a very high amount of ancient and powerful symbolism. In this screen shot you see a picture of the Sun God. Based on my knowledge Christianity and Catholicism can be linked to sun worship. According to Freemasons they worship the light bringer. Some people know the light bringer as Lucifer. What is it you believe? Many civilizations throughout history have worshiped the sun because it brings life. What could Zynga be doing with this strange type of symbolism and why is it in a Vampire game? Also notice the Vampire on top is doing some more one eye symbolism.

In this screen shot what is important to notice is that the lightning bolt has 2 bolts. The 2 lightning bolts used in such a way are linked to Satanism. The Nazis used this symbolism in the formation of their SS. Also Metallica has used this symbolism in their logo. Why do you think Zynga used 2 lightning bolt instead of just 1? After all, the name says Lightning Bolt, not Bolts.

If you are interested in more symbolism and occult images then I recommend you play any Zynga game. They all have the symbolism. The real question is what do these symbols mean to you? How do they effect our decision making, mood, and even well being? Why are people so addicted to these Zynga games, and why does it consume their life like a drug? People think that they are safe from companies controlling their life through subliminal messages because they don't listen to main stream music, and they don't watch TV. You should be smart enough to know that in this day and age, they control your lives through all facets of your digital life as well. Please let me know what you think in the comments.

Dr. Phil talks about Zynga's Farmville Addiction

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