June 1, 2011

Could New Found Rogue Planets be Alien Ships?

The picture above is courtesy of NASA and JPL-Caltech. The Associated Press has recently done a news article about an exciting new find of 10 'planets' in our solar system that do not follow a specific orbit around a star. By definition these bodies cannot be described as planets at all because a planet as defined by modern science are objects that orbit around a star. These rogue 'objects' do nothing of this nature. These rogue planets, as the Associated Press calls them, are in some cases larger than the planet Jupiter in our solar system. These rogue objects are baffling scientists around the world, and they ran calculations to estimate how many of these objects could possibly exist in the galaxy, and it could outnumber stars by a significant amount. These things could be a perfect cloaking device for a mother ship of sorts that can disguise itself rather cleverly by being an unexplained planetary object to onlooking civilizations like we here on Earth. I have already have done posts about the possible hollow and artificial moon. Could an advanced race be using the disguise of space objects as a base for their explorations and research? It is definitely a possibility, at this point anything is. There are people all over youtube that have been spitting lies saying that nothing can or has entered our solar system that even looks like a planetary body. Well I am here to say, that the Associated Press, and JPL disagree with all of you. Please leave comments and let me know what you think about these rogue objects.

MSNBC: Exciting Find Possible Planets Exist Without Orbits

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  1. Hi Ray good post.

    Please don't take this the wrong way but we have many other more concerning things about to happen, The Next 9/11. Not saying it will happen but it is planned to happen. It's a matter if the Elites actually pull it off before we stop it. If not... it will make Alien existance seems insignificant. I promise you my friends, aliens arn't the biggest broblem here, not even close.

    What I must point out here, please note the sources you are QUOTING from?:

    "courtesy of NASA and JPL-Caltech."
    "The Associated Press"

    These are Elite Controlled sources & are very corupte reporting deceitive information. They FEED...mean TELL, Dictated and Brainwashed the NEWS Media. All information is controlled by only a few people. It comes down to the fact that 5 - 6 primary humans control 90% of the all world's central banking, now that's power. 2 - 3 people control all news, now that's calls for manipulation. So we only see & hear what they want us! :)

    Don't believe these are official sources to trust...they are not. remember as an example, look where NASA CAME FROM WHO IS THE MOTHER or should I say FATHER?

    "Hitler is synonymous with the NAZI movement.
    The intellectual know-how of Nazi Germany was imported into the North American Space program following the end of WWII.
    NAZI Germany emerged as NASA.
    NASA in turn is SAAN = SIAN = SION = ZION, which is symbolized on the ENTRANCE to the Khufu Pyramid as illustrated in the Washington DC street symbols.
    SION refers to the worship of the SUN and MOON, the Sol-O-Mon, the Light of the World.
    SION is the ION, the electrified ATOM.
    ATOM is the first man ADAM and the coming of the light EVE.
    This is symbolized in the Khufu Pyramid in the form of the KING’S Chamber and the QUEEN’S Chamber.
    The sacrifice of the SUN and MOON is further represented in the Pyramid of Khufu, with the SUBTERRANEAN Chamber, or the UNDERWORLD, the HADES, or HELL of the luciferian agenda.
    The goddess of the Underworld was called HECATE, from which we derive the name CATHERINE, or CATE, as in KATE Middleton.
    Hecate was the Greek goddess of MAGIC.
    Catherine, Kate, Hecate, means PURE. As in the CAT PURRS" The Signs & Symbols are always there...just have to understand how to read them.

    DO you see where all this leads...to LIES!

  2. I agree Darkstar most news media is outright lies. I am just using the big outlets to throw in the faces of youtube naysayers that say there are no planets in our solar system that do NOT rotate around our sun. This is completely false, you don't need JPL or NASA to tell you that, you just need a telescope. Just in case people still don't get it I wanted to point out that I wasn't talking out of no where trying to spread panic.

  3. Ray,

    What you write or even what I write on our blogs, is NEVER meant to cause panic and it unlikely it will. It is to inform people/sheeple and try to wake them up! Yes and I am sure some readers will be insulted to be called SHEEP or SHEEPLE but I don't know of any injuries, disease or sickness caused by name calling and bruised EGOs. :) The truth hurts... The ELITES refer to people as bacteria, sheep, celery & cattle and are being led to their own destruction. The USELESS eater on the planet, about 6 Billion worth. Besides, of the thousands of people that visit & read our blogs, most don't believe it or don't get the meaning of what is said anyway. Therefore, they will never panic till its too late, because they don't think anything will ever happen, just the year 2000 when the world didn't end. In the year 2000 nothing happened because it wasn't suppose to...it was only 1988. Our calenders are off by 12 years. That means 2012 is really year 2000!

    There are big plans by the ELITES. "Eli is Comming". The next 9/11 will be much bigger, badder, exciting & not much fun. It will be more amazing than anything ever witnessed before. Just wait and see the live action movie they will make, like they did on 9/11 2001. Think about that, it was as though the WTC attack was scripted. They were making a live ACTION FLICK with no rehersals. You ain't seen nothing yet. So I simply say...


  4. Quit interesting bro...
    I hope no evil alien spaceship came to this earth.


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