May 25, 2011

Tornadoes Happening All Over the World - We Aren't in Kansas Anymore

This tornado season has been the worst the United States has seen in years. Its not just tornado alley as they call it in Oklahoma, its much worse than that. The tornadoes seem to be appearing out of no where and mostly only with a few moments notice. The world is changing, and every day we are seeing evidence through the wrath of mother nature. The flooding in Louisiana, earth quakes around the world, and now we have possible volcanic eruptions that could happen at any moment. The world has gone crazy. We as human beings have been doing so much lately to affect the world as a whole. Just think about it, no one knows what all that radiation being released from Japan will actually do to Earth in the long run. All we can do is wait, what BP has done to our ocean is also terrible. Who knows what the consequences are for dumping genetically altered bacteria into the water to try to degrade oil? Sure there are many scientists that claim to know, and wish to be know it alls, but what do they really know? Have we ever in the history of humanity ever attempted anything so foolish? With all these money hungry attempts to pump more oil, we could be doing this to ourselves all of this chaotic weather could be blamed on us. All the globalists think of is the bottom line. When do we draw the line? Will we ever draw the line? Now there is talk that some company wants to spend billions of dollars to drill into the center of the Earth. We have people dieing in other countries from hunger, riots being waged all over the middle east, and scientists want to dig another big hole? What is wrong with these people? Did they not see what happened to BP and the anguish they caused the residents that lived by the Gulf of Mexico? I wonder what hurricane season is going to look like. I pray for everyone that will be effected by these tragedies.

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