May 4, 2011

Proof That The Goverment Sprays Poison via Chemtrails

The theory that the governments of all nations spraying chemtrails over the public is no longer a theory. There have been multiple eyewitness reports of these planes spraying this junk. Not only that there is a man in Arkansas that has collected the material that fell to the ground from multiple chemtrails in his area, and what he found was amazing. He left jars filled with water in his backyard after he noticed that the chemtrails were falling to the ground in a sort of a haze. He had the samples tested in a lab, and it had very high levels of barium. The fact that it was barium is interesting. Barium is known by many scientists and doctors to lower your immune system, and even cause stomach pain and high blood pressure. Could this be the main agenda? Possibly not, I think chemtrails exist so that the government can perform secret testing on the unwilling public without their knowledge. Does anyone remember the bird deaths in Arkansas? Could the bird deaths be directly related to the chemtrails that were being sprayed in the sky? Arkansas is not the only place that gets sprayed with chemtrails. I am also sure, that barium is not the only thing they are spraying to perform tests on the general public. Some cases of chemtrails in other states have been said to be directly related to H1N1 and the swine flu. This is where the whole subject of chemtrails really takes a turn for the worst. Could our government be experimenting on us without our knowledge? It is already public knowledge that the government uses chemtrails to modify weather. This is what our government did during the Vietnam war to make it rain "sideways" as Forrest Gump so eloquently put it in the movie 'Forrest Gump'. It rained for weeks. This was so that they could slow down the enemy and make it so that it was almost impossible to stay hidden in the wet, muddy jungle. This stuff is all very interesting and I implore people to do their own research on the chemtrail subject. This kind of thing is not going away any time soon, and it looks like the government has found a rather clever way to administer drugs, chemicals, and possibly airborne viruses all via the same delivery system. This whole thing is quite scary, and believe me, this is no conspiracy theory. Here is a video of the news report from the Arkansas man that found what the government has been really doing. Judge for yourself. I have also included the video about the Vietnam War and weaponized weather, or weather modification. Please leave comments and let me know what you think.

Strange Substance Found in Chemtrail By Arkansas Man

Vietnam War Weather Modification

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  1. It's really bad here on the Mid-Atlantic coast.The plants, trees, flowers and vegetables are suffering the effects as well. Spraying occurs daily. Very early in the mornings.

  2. Several people in Colorado Springs have all been experience simliar symptons. This is what has brouht me here. Very concerned for our health since this is not the normal cold symptoms. What can be done to stop them from happening more?


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