May 9, 2011

Extremist Muslims Burn Egyptian Christian Churches - Why The Last War on This Earth Could Be a Holy War

There have been two Christian churches burned this weekend by ultraconservative extremist Muslims. They say that the reasoning behind this violence is because a Muslim man married a Christian woman, and was being held captive inside the church. This all stems from fighting in the name of religion. The Salafis (who are ultraconservative Muslims) marched on the streets Friday actually celebrating the life of Osama Bin Laden, and condemning the United States' operation that killed him. Osama Bin Laden is a Muslim extremist that took responsibility for the attacks on the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon. Not that I believe this is 100% true, but it is public knowledge, and at any rate is considered fact by all sides of any religion in the world (how is this one of the only things that we can actually agree upon?). This really fuels the fire when it comes to Muslims and the Jihad. The Jihad is one of the 10 supposed duties of each and every Muslim and it actually translates into the word "struggle" this struggle comes in 3 parts. In one part Muslims say the mujahid (the people engaged in this struggle) are maintaining the Muslim faith, and in the second part, they are "improving" Muslim society. With the last struggle of the Jihad they are to defend the entire nation of Islam. I was born into Catholic tradition and most of my family (through our family tradition) is inherently Catholic and follows the Catholic faith. I however, am a free spirited free thinker, that knows that inherently all religions are flawed because they are based on either converting the other religious parties, or getting rid of them all together through blood shed. This I believe should be no part of anybodies religion. People deserve the right to worship as they see fit to the all mighty God or the grand architect of the universe. When do we draw the line? When does the worship of God become dangerous? When innocent blood is spilled because of religious beliefs. Here in America we have freedom of religion. I have nothing against any religion and I am not a violent person because I have true faith in not only God, but the good nature of people in general. It is through religion and radical groups, that this bloodshed will continue. I believe this is why the Freemasons have never deemed themselves a religious group. They realize that if they truly want to control the people, you have to do so collectively through all religions. We are separated by our faith. Freemasons and other secret fraternities and orders use that separation to divide and conquer. I believe that one day there will be a movement to a unified religion, but could this truly be the answer? Every religion is based on peace and love, yet there is always some prophet or other devout religious icon that insists violence is the only way. This is flawed. We have to move away from this kind of thinking. When will we ever be united? Catholics in their own way have been violent in the past through the inquisition, and the crusades. In no way should any peaceful religion turn to violence as the universal answer to the world's problems. This is how we will always be turned against each other.

Freemasons have ties to almost every prophet or renowned holy man of almost any religion. For example, the founder of the Mormon faith Joseph Smith's parents were known to be Freemasons and not only that many of the traditions and rituals of the Mormons actually come from the Freemasons. This is a fact. Could Joseph Smith have been an actual Freemason? Quite possibly, however Freemasons deny this. Joseph Smith (like Mohammed in the Muslim faith) is considered a prophet and was believed to have received messages from God himself through angels or "golden tablets" however you want to tell the story. My point is these religious prophets all have ties to Freemasonry and have further divided our way of life through religion. This causes fighting amongst ourselves, and we are always looking at the other side of the spectrum to place blame upon. It is never ourselves. The believers of said prophets that are spreading the false word of the one true God. My only problem with religion, is that it is used like a tool, much like politics to divide our common similarities, based on belief in these prophetic people that have died in anything but divine ways. Religion was the first form of politics. Think about this next time you decide you want to enter into a religious debate. Like speaking politics at your local bar, you are wasting your time. Followers of such faiths, hold on to it by a thread. They cannot be swayed. We can thank the inner workings of the Freemasons for this division. Scientology has also taken a strong hold on our American public, with multiple Scientology "churches" or "temples" in every single state in our United States.

Their founder, L. Ron Hubbard was initiated into the Ordo Templi Orientis or the OTO, who had many members who were Freemasons, including Jack Parsons from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory otherwise known as JPL. As you can see these so called prophets were just puppets of a grand scheme to further separate us on religious beliefs, while they themselves engaged in occult worship, and rituals that actually set us back to the times of Egypt, and Paganism or deity worship. These prophets also died very wealthy, because they had donations through their churches. Trust no one but yourself, go with your gut instinct. I believe every person on this Earth knows the difference between right and wrong, and we will all be held accountable for the choices we make. There is no right and wrong when it comes to religion, just right and wrong when it comes to our actions.

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