April 6, 2011

The USDA has Deregulated Genetically Modified Alfalfa

At first the USDA pretended to review public feedback on the regulation of genetically engineered alfalfa grass. Why do I say pretended? Because they didn't take any of that into consideration....not really. Now they have deregulated Monsanto's production of genetically modified alfalfa grass and will probably do the same for other products that the company genetically engineers. We have no idea what the real ramifications are with the use of genetically altered organisms. For all we know this grass could take on a life of its own and bring us into a new age of genetically altered pollution. Now any farmer can get these seeds from Monsanto and can grow it anywhere in the USA without any regulation.

Even after the USDA has admitted from their own organization through their Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) that genetically engineered alfalfa may pose a risk to both organic farmers, and 'genetic' farmers they are still going ahead with this deregulation. Doesn't anyone wonder what could become of the cows and other farm animals that eat this stuff in alfalfa hay? Could some type of pollutant enter our dairy cows and affect us in anyway? The truth is we don't know, and neither do they, so why would they deregulate? This whole situation reeks of new world order control. They have no scientific justification for deregulation. The USDA is in the business of mass killings. They have recently uncovered a program called "Bye Bye Blackbird" where the USDA was poisoning millions of birds around the country and occasionally killing an endangered species. This proves that the USDA has one thing in mind... control. I can't help but wonder if we humans are in their list of species to control. Don't trust Monsanto or the USDA for that matter, you can see quite clearly where their agenda lies.

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