April 26, 2011

Reptilian Symbolism Found on US Military Patches and Other Governmental Organizations

Everyone knows about the reptilian conspiracy theory and about people such as David Icke that write about this material in his books. I try not to take a stance and say what I believe on the internet as much as I would like, because I would rather my readers do some more of their own in depth research and decide for themselves. I have done a lot of research myself recently about reptilian bloodlines and their ties to secret societies, and government agencies. I am not trying to promote anything that is anti-government, I am simply researching about this theory of reptilian beings whether they be from outer space, or our inner earth, that have possibly manipulated humanity since the beginning of our existance. This is a very brave accusation, and of course it is mostly speculation. Secret societies however do exist (that is not speculation), and I believe decisions are made that affect the world, that are not elected upon, except by the elite few that control countries through currency. I have done a lot of research into the symbolism of the British Royal Family, and I know that a lot of their coats of arms from the rich controlling families from around the world (including the Windsors, and the Rothschilds) have blatant reptilian or reptoid symbolism in them. For years people have looked to the sky in search for these reptilian or reptoid creatures, but what if they have existed under our earth for many years through the hollow Earth theory? One thing is for sure, the US Military on a number of their patches has plenty of reptilian/reptoid symbolism on them. I am not saying that everyone in the US Military or any other military is necessarily a bad guy. This may just mean that the higher echelon in the secret society sects that are also in the military and governmental bodies, may be in on a grand secret that keeps the reptilians secret. This could be in exchange for technology or who knows what else. In this article I will show you a number of military patches that I have found across the internet that have this symbolism. Maybe my fellow readers can help me break down what this all could mean. I understand that if there are a few patches, with dragons or reptiles, we can throw that up to just coincidence, but this isn't just a few patches. I have found many patches with this symbolism, and that is just what I found. I am sure there are plenty more floating around out there. Now let me show you some of the patches I have found...

So as you can see different military organizations from around the world keep the common theme, reptiles. Why would they do this throughout the years? They still have not changed this. It is very strange that these patches share that 1 similarity. Remember these are not all of the patches that the military uses that contain reptilian symbolism, there are many more, I just couldn't find them all. What do you think this all means? Could there be a secret reptilian bloodline that controls our planet after all? I have nothing against the military and I pray for our brothers and sisters we have lost. This is obviously something the global elite would know, not the common foot soldier. Please leave your opinions and comments below. Thanks for reading.

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