April 14, 2011

Interview with 'Tom Reynolds' about the Reptilian Matrix

This is an interview I had with Tom Reynolds of Harpers Ferry, Iowa. He was very adement about talking with me about an encounter he had and about whats really going on with what he believes to be real reptilian aliens. He is a regular visitor of my site, and wanted to come forward to me with some information. I agreed to talk with Tom Reynolds on speaker phone and I transcribed everything from my recording and our conversation on to paper. Tom is very uneasy about our present situation here on Earth, and I believe he is trying to get this information to as many people as possible. He obviously has nothing to gain from coming forward. I am glad he came to me, and I was able to work with him. So for all my followers and readers, this is for you. Thank you very much Tom. Continue to seek the truth my friend, that is the mystery that drives us.

Tom Bom: Pleasure to be with you talking about this stuff, I am trying to find as many outlets as I can to release this information. I guess the first thing I would like to ask you Ray is do you believe in Reptilians from another planet?

Ray: I can't say that I have proof of Reptilians from another planet, but I definitely do not put it out of my mind because of conspiracy theories, and people like David Icke. I know we are being controlled by secret organizations that much can be proven, I just wish I had proof that there is shape shifting reptilians.

Tom Bom: Good, well let me just tell you, they aren't all shape shifters, and you better believe they exist, I have seen one with my own eyes.

Ray: Very interesting, could you elaborate?

Tom Bom: I was only 16 years old. Me and my friend were playing near the Mississippi River, we usually went there to fish, and to play in the water, when all of a sudden a huge 7 foot figure jumped out of the water. Mind you he didn't jump out of the water like you or I would. It seemed like he was swimming with enough speed that he was able to shoot up into the air, and land on land with his bare reptilian like claws. The gushing noise of the water was tremendous.

Ray: Were you scared at all? That must have been terrifying!

Tom Bom: I was very scared, the reptilian being did not notice us so we ducked down behind a rock, and watched this monstrous figure. He seemed to be looking for something he was scouring the sides of the river. We were on the opposite side so we were clear out of the way, unless one of us made a noise in which case I am pretty sure he would have gobbled us up. He had huge teeth, some of them protruded slightly from his mouth like the teeth of a crocodile, or alligator. I am not sure exactly what he was looking for, but he had something on his hand, we were just out of range to make out what it was, but it was glowing. He ran the hand close to the ground as if he was detecting for something similar to how you would use a metal detector.

Ray: Thats very interesting do you think it was a form of technology, or some sort of ancient occult magic that he was doing?

Tom Bom: That I could not tell you, but I will tell you this. Me and my friend got the hell out of there, starting off slow, and as quiet as possible, and then once out of his jurisdiction, as fast as our little legs could have taken us.

Tom Bom: I have been doing a lot of research on the reptilian agenda, and even talked with a few insiders. This encounter has troubled me most my life. Have you ever thought The Matrix like the movie could be on some level real?

Ray: No I mean, I haven't thought about it so deep, after all there are real problems in this world, and I just think of it as just a movie...

Tom Bom: Well the Matrix is based upon real science that has been done in the 50s. In fact the term matrix goes back to the 50s. The term Matrix was introduced by a quantum physicist, and is used in everything from programming, to dot-matrix printers. The matrix is real, this is basically what I am saying. What it is is a prison for your mind. It is a very complicated subject so I will cover it a little bit...

Ray: Thats a very interesting take on the movie, and I'm sure that was going through a lot of peoples minds upon leaving the movie theater after watching the first film. I know I was awe struck. I still keep my mind open to it today, especially after reading books like “Children of the Matrix” from David Icke. I can't help but think that this is all inter-connected.

Tom Bom: Everything in this world that we see feel and touch is an illusion. Its made to convince us that we are physical beings, and that we are not spirit beings. We are physical beings. We have to work hard, pay the bills, and we have to be controlled, by taxes and government. That is not the real world. The reptilians have created an artificial reality for us. Why? Because we are spirit creatures trapped in flesh, that do not have the power of the fully realized spirit. We have been taught that it is nonsense to believe in supernatural powers. The reptilians want you to believe that you are just cattle. You get directed, and steered in whatever direction the reptilians want you to go.

The fact of the matter is that the reptilians are pathetic creatures that are very weak. We are spirits, but we are trapped in flesh, and that makes us weak. The flesh is a prison, and in this flesh we are given a kind of an artificial world called physical reality, but in fact its not physical at all. Scientists are now known to the fact that solid matter is an illusion, and it is in the mind. We are prisoners of our own minds. Prisoners to the programming of the flesh and the DNA. Reptilians have convinced us that we are powerless and we need God, or a UFO to come down. They try to convince us that we need help from a 3rd party because we can't accomplish things on our own. Does anyone ever talk about what results from this process? This is the greatest cover up in all of our history, and the fact is we are very powerful spiritual creatures. If you study angels in the bible 1 angel slew 10000 people in one night. We are very powerful creatures. Like a fire though, when you put a damp towel over it, the fire slowly succumbs to its demise. We are that fire. Our reality is our prison. They are dealing with our genetics. We have been dealing with this since the beginning of time. The reptilians know that we are far more powerful spiritual beings than they could ever be. They have been telling us this lie over and over again that we are weak, and that we must beg for forgiveness from our religions around the world. They want you to believe that you are pathetic and you will never amount to anything, you are a sinner and you need Christ. This is what the reptilians want you to believe. We are created from the image of God. Does that make us weak? I don't think so. The reptilians are wrong. What they are doing is suppressing the truth, they keep wanting us to look up to that carrot in the sky, they want us to keep jumping all the while, they are pulling all the strings. I don't really listen to ideas about something coming to save us. We can save ourselves, each and every one of us wields the power to do so in the blink of an eye. We have the power to change things, and only us. The church would say OH GOD THATS BLASPHEMY!

But I have Christ within my body, or whatever you call “it”, I have got the ultimate light and power from the creator within. So how is it that I am weak and pathetic and powerless and have to turn to reptilian governments to control me and tell me what to do, what to think, what to buy, what to wear, whats in fashion, whats not in fashion, what websites to visit, this is all a never ending self destructive cycle. Its all a big illusion of the matrix. The matrix has convinced us that this is real, yet this is not real. The universe is made up of consciousness and we know that there are other life forms all around us. We are the only ones visible in the fish tank, the other ones are invisible, we are surrounded by entities and frequencies and consciousness, but we are trapped in this frequency that says, no you are physical.... I can feel this table, this table is real, THATS PHYSICAL REALITY! No its not. If you get down to the real God-creation physics the table is made up of empty space, its just another vacuum. There is nothing there, we don't even exist. We only exist in our minds. There are wavelengths all around us different frequencies that come in to our eyes, turns into electric signals, go back to our brain, and the brain assembles all the data into what we know we are seeing. When you look around your room thats not the room your seeing, you are seeing a manufactured recreation of the light that comes to the eyes, and it has been shown, through science that the eyes don't really rely on that mechanism only. They rely on back images, or a sort of filing cabinet also. So new information could be blocked out most of the time based on your memory cache if you will. What I'm trying to say is this is an illusion this is not real, our spiritual reality is real, we have to exorcise to get the spirit to expand, to come out, to control. We do this through various means, prayer, meditation and various different ways, to bring about the inner man, or the God within. We are all powerful spirit creatures, and we have been told we are weak. We have to worship a God thats full of vengeance, anger, wrath, and demands to be worshiped. The real God is love. The prime creator. Its all about power and control. The reptilians are all about convincing us that we are weak. We are going to release the spirit within. Changes are coming. Look out for 2012.

Ray: Thanks for taking the time to explain all of this to me Tom. I will post it on my website ASAP. You have shed a lot of light on what you believe in, and what you believe is really going on. Without that we could all be lost, speculation is just a hair away from the secret truth. Especially when the people in control, control things in secret. I keep an open mind, and I embrace your story. I will share with as many people as I can.

Tom Bom: That is all I ask Ray. Take care. Keep up the good work on the site.

Ray: You know me I never stop thinking...

That is the full interview. I did this interview all from a tape recording with permission from Tom Reynolds. It took a long time to type up, and its 2:00 am here in Texas. Its finally time for me to meditate and get some sleep. Please leave comments and let me know what you think.

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  1. hi Ray, that was interesting in my culture we call them Jin not reptilians and they were the original inhabitants of earth until God created man and that freaked those advanced creatures who were capable of things beyond human ability including possessing their bodies and making life a living hell to those they envy the most. the bad ones were banished in an under world by a powerful man of God they were called Gog and Magog and one day a rupture occurred and they broke loose raising havoc sometime near the 17th - 18th century turning man against brother and enslaving humanity and creating what your friend is calling a matrix, double worlds theirs and ours, the one we think we control but in reality is completely ruled by them. this is my version of it and it is the result of my search and inferences hope you like it:))

  2. Thanks for sharing Apotamkin. Tom was very adamant about letting people know. I am sure he is on to something. While he was talking to me he seemed very nervous.

  3. yes if one goes crazy then they have got him lol! only seeking power from the creator off all protects us if we are worthy i guess..



  5. thank you for that. i needed this in a place of hopelessness


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