April 29, 2011

The Hollow Earth Theory

The hollow Earth theory is nothing new. Many significant people in history have believed in the hollow Earth theory and have devoted their lives to finding openings that lead straight to a new Earth inside the Earth, that they believe, has a hidden civilization of super beings, that could even be reptilian. I am not saying I believe in the hollow Earth theory, I just figured I would explain a little about what the theory proposes and speculate on what could possibly be within our Earth waiting to be found. The above picture is the Earth as our science teachers described it in our Science class at school. This is obviously not exactly 100% proven. Why? No one has dug that deep because our modern drilling techniques could not drill in such temperatures especially when you get closer to the Earth's iron molten core. Recently Dr. Damon Teagle of the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton England and Dr. Benoit lldefonse from Montpellier University in France have announced publicly that they plan on drilling a hole past the Earth's crust to gather samples from the mantle in the diagram above. This is particularly very hard to do. They say they want to drill the hole in the Pacific ocean because that is where the Earth's crust is most thin. Even though the crust should be thinner in such an area, they still have to dig through 5 miles of solid rock, and then they have to worry about extremely hot temperatures that would render most modern drill bits useless. The only reason why I could figure they would want to do this is to put the hollow Earth theory to rest. There are many dangers associated with digging such a hole. British Petroleum couldn't even dig a whole to tap in to an oil pocket without a huge disaster. This is going to take a lot of planning in order to pull it off. Lets also not forget the active earthquake areas of California that reside very close by. This could trigger a massive Earth quake or worse. This is the worst news from any scientist since the announcement of the Large Hadron Collider that set out to find anti-matter particles. The funding for this project will not be approved until sometime in 2018, hopefully we are still around to do such an experiment with all the problems our Earth faces already with unrest in the middle east, and global revolutions. The end is coming and it seems that we humans want to bring it about sooner rather than later.

Adolf Hitler was one of the big believers in the hollow Earth theory and even set out to the South Pole to find a natural opening in the Earth that leads to inside our hollow Earth. Did Adolf Hitler come in contact with advanced life right here on Earth? It has been theorized that the Nazis were in contact with an advanced race of beings and had helped in developing flying saucers and other high technology of the time. Many people that say this say that Hitler was in direct contact with an alien civilization. I guess my point is, what if Hitler was not involved with an alien race, but a super advanced terrestrial race that has lived beneath us since the beginning. As you can see from the above diagram the centre of gravity that holds us to Earth is actually closer than we think. Once you pass that center of gravity you are held in a different way to the inner walls of our Earth, and life exists because of a burning inner core sun that brings life to plants, animals, and even terrestrial advanced life forms. Many civilizations throughout history have claimed that reptilians live deep within our Earth and sometimes shoot out from the oceans with USOs and intermingled with man. An example of this theory is in the movie and book Journey to the Center of the Earth. In that story they encounter a race of advanced reptilian beings that are highly advanced. My biggest problem with this theory is, lets say there is an opening that leads to a new Earth inside our own, traveling there would be impossible. Once you are in the middle of the centre of gravity (as shown above) I believe you would be ripped apart. Even if we did find an opening. Anyways I just thought I would share the ideas of this theory and I would like to see if any of my followers have anything new to add that I may have missed. Please leave comments and let me know what you think.



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  1. I just think, there are something under Earth crust http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kola_Superdeep_Borehole


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