April 6, 2011

David Icke Interview with Credo Mutwa About Reptilians and Ancient Aliens

For those that do not know who David Icke is he is an authority on the reptilian conspiracy theory. He proposes that reptilian alien bloodlines have ruled over man since the time of the ancient Egyptians, and even before that. He has some pretty off the wall claims, but I don't believe that they should all be discounted. You see there is a world-wide conspiracy going on with figure heads in a global elite. Whether or not they are reptilian is besides the point. The point is we the people have never been in control through elections and state representatives like the idea of 'democracy' would lead you to believe. The real power lies in secret organizations and fraternities that run the world in the background. These people are not just money hungry, they are power hungry. David Icke used to be a sports reporter for the BBC. He was then visited by a psychic that told him he was destined for much more in life, and that his role on this Earth would be a very important one. This is when David Icke got on the Terry Wogan show, and actually spoke about the Babylonian Brotherhood, and the reptilian agenda.He became the subject of ridicule over night. Now people that actually believe in the New World Order, and a global conspiracy are considered nut jobs because of David Icke's off the wall theories. I say, it is better to have a theory why things are so terrible on this planet, then to be a pacifist, and act like nothing is going on. David Icke's message is an important one in that, there is something globally controlling each and every one of us, how it is done, and the true nature of who they are, is obviously kept very secret. At least he is trying to figure out the truth as we all should. I have read David Icke's books 'The Biggest Secret', and 'Children of the Matrix' and both offer really good information. In any thing you read, you should not believe 100% of what you read, but getting to the truth is a divine path that must be traveled. No one should be ridiculed for that.

Credo Mutwa is a shaman that lived in Africa at the time of David Icke's interview with him. David Icke traveled all the way to Africa so that he may speak with this keeper of ancient knowledge. Credo has been initiated into many elder circles in Africa and knows much of what his ancient ancestors know. Although this interview was done 10 or more years ago, I think it is important to watch and to understand what Credo is saying. Is he just a story teller? You be the judge. I have not linked this interview before because it was something like a 15 part video series, now someone on YouTube has uploaded the interview in 2 parts. It is over 5 hours long. If you ever have the spare time to watch the whole thing please feel free to check it out. It is hard to understand what Credo is saying at times because of his accent, but it is still very interesting. Check it out when you get a chance.

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