March 29, 2011

Von Helton Is the Target of a Government Trolling Operation

I have been listening to Von Helton on YouTube now for 5 to 6 years. Recently Von has received a lot of scrutiny from a gang of trolls and haters. These trolls also include the notorious gang MS-13. Von Helton has gone up against the most powerful people on the planet. He is not afraid to speak his mind, and he was one of the first on YouTube to report what main stream news would rather us all not know about. The first attempt that the trolls and haters used against Von Helton was that they reported every single one of his videos for violating copyright. This forced Von Helton to remove all of his classic YouTube videos because he feared that he would lose his YouTube account. This is bullshit. Von Helton has been doing our country a service. Whether you believe his speculation or not, without speculation you have no one asking real questions, after all speculation is just a possible reason why our world is so crazy and screwed up. You better believe that a powerful handful of people run this planet. Don't believe that? Then you are the one thats crazy. If you are a hater of Von Helton you are not a truther, you are a piece of garbage. What has Von Helton ever done to you?

All he has done is try to inform the public on things that most people don't know about, including The Bilderbergers, The Trilateral Commission, and even the Illuminati and Freemasons. Von Helton has a hell of a following including us here at Nibiru Planet X. What sickens me is that instead of people engaging in healthy debate with Von Helton many people have targeted him by making hate videos, and trying to entrap him into something he is not. Why are so many people interested in seeing Von Helton's demise? No body thinks that these trolls and haters could possibly work for the government? Get a clue. Why would someone waste so much time as to discredit Von Helton on a daily basis? Then when they can't discredit the man, they make fun of him, and make hate videos. I'm talking to you SecularOpinion, get a hobby man, your videos are a crock. What a waste of time. Comparatively speaking the haters and trolls are doing a disservice to society, and they probably work for the Government and other agencies that are trying to shut Von Helton up. The sad part is its working. Where is the support for Von Helton? Right here. I hope Von Helton continues to make his interesting videos that everyone should see. He is a true patriot. Get over it. Here is a classic video from Von Helton's passed that is a true gem. I hope you get out of your slump Von, you are gravely needed in this time of crisis. We are all involved, we are all related, we are the truther movement. Please leave comments and let me know what you think. Love and light.

Here is a link to Von Helton's YouTube channel for those that are interested in the truth: Von Helton's Channel

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  1. They can try to silence the truth all they want, it is already too late, critical mass is nigh.

    People who once thought us bat shit crazy are starting to listen and ask questions.

  2. Thanks for the comment Kev. I totally agree.

  3. You left out teh parts where Von abused his wife and children, tried to fuck a 14 year old girl, and Von doesnt know more than bullet points on the aforementioned topics as all he can do is read a headline and give his own usually false assumptions on what that means
    I tried to debate him on his "The Solar Maximum is gonna kill us all theory" got called a hater and a troll when I not only disproved him but showed to billyuns of people on teh internets that he doesnt know shit
    Von is paid by the guberment to discredit the truth
    Get it thru yer thick skulls
    His very presence, the mention of his name, or his involvement dissolve immediately any facts or truth one may have found


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