March 11, 2011

UFO Sighting in Jerusalem on 1/28/2011

This is not a fake video. This happened in the dark of night and even has multiple sightings from other people. Everyone saw the same thing. A flash of light, then it darts off into space, and you can't see it again. Notice how quick this thing moves, and how silent it is. This craft is a very strange craft. If we did create this technology on Earth we had to have been helped somehow. I believe this is really extra terrestrials. There really is no other explanation. Their reaction to this phenomena is completely sincere. I don't think these people faked it at all.

Here is another video that syncs all videos that caught the incident on camera. If you still think this is fake, just know that there is no way that they could all be in sync if they are tampered with in anyway. If you ask me this is very real, and It is more proof that we are not alone in the universe. If you think this is fake, then you really need to do more research. It was even reported by CNN.

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  1. OK, that is seriously amazing.

  2. I saw that on the news the day it happened and was quite surpried to see it there, but maybe people are starting to wake up to certain facts now. I have said for many years that we are not alone in the universe and most say I am crazy, well crazy or not nothing on the face of the earth can move like that at least nothing that was made by human kind at any rate.

  3. Thanks for your comment. Yeah I don't believe this is something made by humans. I wonder what the significance is of this temple mount....If they are extra terrestrials what are they doing at this location? Very scary stuff.


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