March 21, 2011

Radiation Is Good For You Says Ann Coulter on Fox News

I always knew that the main stream news was going to downplay the nuclear disaster in Fukushima Japan. I never thought they would stoop this low. Radiation is good for you? Is this lady serious? Of all the dumb founded things to say, I would have never thought that this type of BS would come spewing out of someone's mouth. She obviously has no clue about what she is talking about. Why do you think they give you a lead vest when you get your teeth x-rayed. This is more propoganda to not only keep you calm about the huge radiation clouds headed in our direction from the other reactors that are going up in smoke, but also to further their agenda with the TSA naked body scanners. You see the New World Order wants you to get radiation in many different ways. They hate it when you ask questions, and they put garbage like this on the air so you can have mindless zombies at bars and social hang outs, telling you that everything is going to be ok. Don't submit to mindless mainstream news. Think for yourself, and don't let these people tell you whats good for you and whats bad for you. We have something called proof, even Bill O'Reilly was quick to say...This may not be true. I hate Bill O'Reilly because he is a pompous asshole, but at least he knows when to call bullshit. When his puppet masters let him that is....Love and light. Please leave me comments and let me know what you think.

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  1. another blonde posing as a scientist

  2. Hehe! Another blonde cannibal that’s pounding the drums against cannibalism. While food for her is running away thin, this moronic mouthpiece loves to think inside of a pine box instead of choosing life and thinking outside of one. But then again – what do you expect from Box News?

  3. I agree. Nice blog! I will add you to my blogroll. :)

  4. Coulter once was a valuable voice but hasn't merely gone overboard' she's bonkers. She's old enough to remember the bullswaddle spewed against nuclear energy and why we, among all the 1st world nations, use so very little nuclear power and must go begging to arabs to keep our families warm.

    ALL energy is dangerous. Just ask West Virginia coal miners or deep water oil riggers. But this is not the right time to downplay the Japanese tragedy; at least until legitimate science has a chance to weigh in on the matter. The lefties swore nukes would destroy the planet decades past, the righties preach total safety. Smart folk await the final verdict.


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