March 16, 2011

Radiation From Japan's Exploded Reactor Has Now Reached The US Coast

After a couple of explosions at the Fukushima reactor No. 1 in Japan, it has been one thing after another. There is a huge breach and it is leaking dangerous amounts of radiation into the air because of the major earthquake. We have no idea what harm could be caused by all of this radiation. The bad news is the first of the spiked radiation clouds have reached the USA today. It is March, 16th and along the coast of California there has been huge spikes in radiation levels. It looks like the cloud is entering the United States in the southern part of California, and is moving in a south eastern direction. It is following the hot and cold fronts so where it is going to end up is extremely hard to predict. Just like the weatherman can't get it right whether its going to rain or not. They are having the same problem trying to track the movement of these clouds. None of this is being reported about in the news. Not the real danger. Here is a video that I have found that best describes what is happening. Be ready for the worst, it looks like the situation isn't getting any better.

Russia has announced that they think there will be a meltdown of 6 reactors in Japan thanks to the 8.9 earthquake. This is extremely scary. We could be looking at a full scale nuclear disaster. This does not however mean that there will be a nuclear explosion. This means that the water table could be contaminated, and the drinking water in the area will become undrinkable. Not to mention no one really knows what may happen to wildlife in the area. We also have these huge radiation clouds, the radiation levels are going to rise everywhere, what does this mean for the future of this Earth and mankind? We could be looking at similar nuclear meltdowns in the future if all of these natural disasters keep occurring. Could someone be using these earthquakes as a weapon? Was it intentional? God forbid. Heaven help us.

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