March 4, 2011

Canadas G20 Peaceful Protest Gets Riot Police Beat Down


The G20 in Canada was one of the worst compromises of civil liberties in Canada's history. People were getting beat up, and dragged away by riot police. They shot rubber bullets at protesters. All of the protesters were in a “free speech” zone so they had the right to be there in every way. Secret agents went into the crowd to not only beat people up, but also to incite violence to justify the beating up of people, and unlawful arrests by the police. No one had the right to see a lawyer, and the police called it Martial Law from their own mouths. This is proof that police all around the world are preparing, training, and learning how to strip people of all their rights, while looking for “terrorists”. This is completely unjust. Before the G20 began many of the contractors of Canada were working on building fencing, and detention centers. Many people have recorded what happened on their cell phones, and on video cameras. The police chief to this day says there is nothing that he has seen that is unlawful. This is totally ridiculous. The protesters are right. The world is watching. The police chief still thinks it was necessary to beat up on innocent people? He should get on YouTube and see the type of videos that are coming out everyday. This type of violence is never justified, especially when people were in the designated zone to PEACEFULLY protest. The police conducted the raid without a warrant, and their was no democracy during the G20. The police are being sued by many people, and those people will win, or they will see more protests. You can beat up on people at a peaceful protest, but we the people will not stand for tyranny. Freedom of speech is a bitch. Deal with it. This is from the show "The Fifth Estate". Please leave comments if you feel I have left anything out.

**UPDATE** This video has been removed for the reason of violating copyright. The only videos left on YouTube about Toronto's G20 summit are videos showing how violent the protesters were, and how the police "saved the day". I already told you how most of the violent protesters were government agents, planted to cause violence to justify taking away peoples rights and liberties. They show nothing of the police violating the rights of protesters in the "free speech zone". This is a feeble attempt to hide the truth. When the hell does the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation give a damn about news videos posted to YouTube? Keep your eye open for police states, they are coming to a country and state near you.

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