March 31, 2011

Japanese Power Plant Reactor Rods To Be Covered In Concrete

It is a very big deal what happened in Fukushima, Japan. Workers that signed up to contain the nuclear reactor meltdown, have all accepted the fate of death. Like modern day Samurai warriors they have put their life on the line to save us from a large scale world wide crisis. Now we are learning through different media outlets that all hope is lost to contain this meltdown. Now our only hope is to contain the radioactive rods in pure concrete like what was done in Chernobyl, France when they had their reactor core meltdown. Don't believe the lies that some news reports are telling you that there was no health problems due to that meltdown. These are all lies. Many people lost their lives in that incident, and as many physicists say today, all humans on this Earth have some traces of Chernobyl inside of them. Here is Dr. Michio Kaku saying just that on the David Letterman show.

There you have it. We all have a piece of Chernobyl in our bodies. However, Chernobyl was one reactor. I am not a physicist but I know when there are a total of 6 reactor cores at the Fukushima power plant, with multiple meltdowns, compared to Chernobyl's 1 reactor, we are going to have a lot more radiation in our bodies now. This is in addition to every exposure you have personally had to radiation in your entire life span. If you fly more than a normal person, and you get scanned regularly with TSA's new naked body scanners, then you are at greater risk of cancers, and death. This is very scary. I don't think Dr. Kaku eased my mind at all with this appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. When does a physicist get featured on David Letterman? Notice how he talks about putting pressure on the politicians to ban products? This is all to sway your better judgement, even David Letterman is clicked in with the New World Order. Next they will be talking about LHC and poking fun at it! This I believe was to keep people as calm as possible. Lets not forget about Ann Coulter telling everyone that radiation could be good for you. How ridiculous. The dead bodies around the Fukushima power plant are so radioactive, they have begun to harvest, and quarantine them. This is because they fear they could contaminate the soil. They have only admitted to quarantining about 1000 bodies but you know the body count will surely go up. All of these dead radioactive bodies pose another risk. The risk of horrible disease. God help Japan. As for physicist Dr. Kaku and his family? They have left the whole area. Don't be naive we are all going to feel this one. Ocean water around the Fukushima power plant has been tested and is 4,500 times more than the regulatory limit set by the EPA. Milk has become contaminated along with spinach, and probably other kinds of food. This is not the end, this is only the beginning. Cesium-137 is a radioactive isotope that is contaminating the area around the power plants. It has a half-life of 30 years! That means that its going to be here for a very long time. Please leave comments and let me know what you think, or if I have left anything out. Thanks.

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March 29, 2011

Subliminal Secrets Of 'Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem'

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem is a game that was developed by the Silicon Knights and published by Nintendo for the Gamecube. The Silicon Knights is a game programming company that operates in Canada. They have even received Government funding. That is kind of strange for a game programmer don't you think? Not if its a mind control experiment. I think just right off the bat, I noticed the Silicon Knights reminded me of the 'Knights Templar' as soon as I saw their logo, but we will come back to that later.

First, let me give you a run down about what this game is about. This game is shrouded by a lot of mystery, and is named one of the most underrated Nintendo games of all time. It even appeared in Nintendo Power magazine as one of the top 200 games of all time. That is a pretty big achievement for any game publisher. This game is a psychological thriller and it features occult magick, undead zombies, and a diverse story line to immerse you deep into a dark and very evil world. The game is full of magical symbols, and magical incantations that are strange, and even more so when spoken aloud by a mysterious voice as the game does whenever you cast a spell. The game takes place inside a scary mansion on the outskirts of Rhode Island. You play a character named Alexandra Roivas who is called to the mansion that her grandfather owns, after he has been brutally murdered from within the mansion's walls. The police have no one to investigate so Alex is left to fend for her self. You explore the mansion at first with creepy sounds occurring all over the place, and weird screams of what sounds like tortured people that come booming through the speakers at random times to keep you nice and freaked out. In one of the hidden rooms of the mansion Alex stumbles upon a book that is bound in human flesh and bone called 'The Tome of Eternal Darkness'. Upon receiving the book Alex begins to read the book and the game suddenly shifts to you playing the role of Pious Augustus a Roman Centurion in 26 BC. You will notice that through out the game you take on multiple playable roles that tell the story of the Tome of Darkness and what Alex and her family has done, and must still do, to save the world from the Eternal Darkness. Could this game be based on true events? Everything is perfectly tracked through out a timeline in our human history, it very well could be a certain reproduction of events with its own spin to infiltrate the minds of players across the globe. Alex Roivas the main character in the game while investigating the death of her grandfather, she keeps finding more and more chapters hidden throughout the mansion. She keeps reading the book, and taking on the roles of the pawns throughout history that have combated the darkness. Along the way Alex learns a very occult magick system ruled by magical sygils, codexes, and runes or (symbols). This is the same thing used in modern day witchcraft, and occult practices to inflict magical intention through-out this world. Some of the groups that use this knowledge are The Order of the Golden Dawn, OTO, and other secret mystery schools.

In these screenshots you can see the specific symbols used in a secret ritual like magic that is used to summon what the game calls an "Ancient". An 'ancient' (as described by the game) is a made-up deity that could represent any one of the real worshiped deitys from any pagan religion, cult, or any other secret society like the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar were said to perform a ritual that would allow them to speak with a severed head and converse with the spirits. In the last screenshot you can even see the two pillars symbolic of freemasonry 'Bachin', and 'Joaz', along with the all-seeing-eye. The Knights Templar were deeply involved in the creation of the secret fraternity of the Freemasons. There is a secret that is not so well known about the game Eternal Darkness. Their is a hidden chapter in the Tome of Eternal Darkness that would have allowed the player to play as an actual member of the Knights Templar named Joseph De Molay. This is proven fact, and is straight from Denis Dyack's (the game's creator) mouth. Don't believe me? Just check out the Wikipedia page for Eternal Darkness, I will include a link at the bottom of this article. Why was this removed from the final cut of the game? Was it because Denis Dyack thought that it may be too much to use a real Knights Templar in the game because that would connect the dots too much? I think so. After all if the Knights Templar did exist today through a secret fraternity such as the Freemasons using a game publishing company called Silicon Knights, they definitely don't want to be using any real names. Joseph De Molay was a Knight Templar that was slowly burned at the stake, and turned to ashes. Probably one of the worst ways to die. Before Joseph died he cursed both the Pope and King Charlemagne of France, and both shortly after died horrible deaths. If anyone else has played this game, and has anything else to add, then please feel free to leave a comment about it. I have tried to uncover most of the secrets that I can, and I even beat the game again so that I could get the screenshots for this article, I hope I have opened your eyes to some of the secrets of this bizarre video game.

Introduction when you start the game (cutscene)

**SPOILER ALERT** - This is the video when you beat the game, I figured I would post it so that if you haven't played the game, you get a feel for just how weird it is. **

Occult teachings from many different books speak about the power of reverse. The Book of the Law by Aleister Crowley even mentions learning to do things in reverse, even to speak and think in reverse. One last note that I will leave you with is that the main characters of the game "The Roivas Family" is 'Savior' backwards or in reverse.


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Von Helton Is the Target of a Government Trolling Operation

I have been listening to Von Helton on YouTube now for 5 to 6 years. Recently Von has received a lot of scrutiny from a gang of trolls and haters. These trolls also include the notorious gang MS-13. Von Helton has gone up against the most powerful people on the planet. He is not afraid to speak his mind, and he was one of the first on YouTube to report what main stream news would rather us all not know about. The first attempt that the trolls and haters used against Von Helton was that they reported every single one of his videos for violating copyright. This forced Von Helton to remove all of his classic YouTube videos because he feared that he would lose his YouTube account. This is bullshit. Von Helton has been doing our country a service. Whether you believe his speculation or not, without speculation you have no one asking real questions, after all speculation is just a possible reason why our world is so crazy and screwed up. You better believe that a powerful handful of people run this planet. Don't believe that? Then you are the one thats crazy. If you are a hater of Von Helton you are not a truther, you are a piece of garbage. What has Von Helton ever done to you?

All he has done is try to inform the public on things that most people don't know about, including The Bilderbergers, The Trilateral Commission, and even the Illuminati and Freemasons. Von Helton has a hell of a following including us here at Nibiru Planet X. What sickens me is that instead of people engaging in healthy debate with Von Helton many people have targeted him by making hate videos, and trying to entrap him into something he is not. Why are so many people interested in seeing Von Helton's demise? No body thinks that these trolls and haters could possibly work for the government? Get a clue. Why would someone waste so much time as to discredit Von Helton on a daily basis? Then when they can't discredit the man, they make fun of him, and make hate videos. I'm talking to you SecularOpinion, get a hobby man, your videos are a crock. What a waste of time. Comparatively speaking the haters and trolls are doing a disservice to society, and they probably work for the Government and other agencies that are trying to shut Von Helton up. The sad part is its working. Where is the support for Von Helton? Right here. I hope Von Helton continues to make his interesting videos that everyone should see. He is a true patriot. Get over it. Here is a classic video from Von Helton's passed that is a true gem. I hope you get out of your slump Von, you are gravely needed in this time of crisis. We are all involved, we are all related, we are the truther movement. Please leave comments and let me know what you think. Love and light.

Here is a link to Von Helton's YouTube channel for those that are interested in the truth: Von Helton's Channel

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March 28, 2011

Large Hadron Collider - New Decaying Behavior Found in Antimatter Particles

For those that don't know, the Large Hadron Collider is a high energy particle accelerator that smashes atoms together to help understand the most intimate questions about physics and get a better understanding on how our universe was really created. The whole facility is 17 miles in circumference and is 570 feet below the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva. This machine was mostly developed by CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research). Headed by some of the world's top physicists, these guys have invested trillions of dollars to conduct these experiments. Religious fanatics are quick to condemn these projects saying that it is another way that humans are trying to play God. I'm sure thats what they always say when any great physicist from our history has made a significant breakthrough. What is the real reason they are trying to conduct these experiments? Why are they so interested in anti-matter? My theory is that governments around the world have been keeping secret alien technology that has either crash landed in their neck of the woods, or that has been given to them by alien beings themselves. Imagine if lets say the United States was given a space craft that runs on anti-matter. Where would we get this anti-matter to power the ship? This I believe could be where the collider comes in. Although that is all my speculation, we must also understand, that we have only recently proven that anti-matter exists and we did so by investing trillions of dollars into this machine. Why would our government or any other government invest so much money into something they didn't know even existed? This is why I speculate. The Large Hadron Collider is even in the movie Angels and Demons. I suggest everyone check that movie out for more information. Now that we have discussed a little bit about the goals of LHC, and how it came about, lets talk about the recent news about this collider. They have been watching a certain particle called the B meson. The B meson is a particle that is made up of one quark (which is a neutron or proton), along with its opposite quark, or the anti-matter partner. All normal particles are thought to have anti-matter partners. This is what physicists have now proven. The question is why does the anti-matter degrade? When the universe was created physicists believe there was an equal amount of both normal particles (matter) and their opposites (anti-matter). When the big bang occurred, both of these particles slammed together, and now all that remains is the matter, the anti-matter has all degraded and can no longer be found in the wild. Physicists are now looking at this process first hand, and all it does is open the door for more questions. How can we harness the matter creating energy of these anti-matter particles. How can we store these particles without them degrading into nothingness? Your guess is as good as mine. I am no physicist, and only have a minuscule understanding of what is really going on. I just want to give the news to my fellow readers, and let you know what I think on the matter. Or anti-matter I should say. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. Please let me know what you think in the comments, feel free to speculate as much as you want, as I have.

For those that would like more information about CERN's Large Hadron Collider feel free to check out this video:

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March 24, 2011

Childrens Cartoon Braceface Filled with Illuminati Symbolism

Braceface was a television cartoon series that aired in 2001-2003. The actress that plays the main character "Sharon Spitz" is Alicia Silverstone. You may remember her from "Clueless" and she also appeared in music videos with Aerosmith. The show is about how a 13 year old girl (Sharon Spitz) deals with adolescence and a mouth full of braces. The twist to this story is that her braces are magical. This causes Sharon to get in all kinds of adventures that have to do with solving the world's mysteries. This cartoon is strange on many levels, but lets talk about the symbolism that is in these cartoons. Although obviously fake, they do show some masonic symbolism, and illuminati symbolism. I will show you a video that blatantly shows in your face what I am talking about. One of her friends even has the horns of the devil. It is very freaky. In this clip you will see the square from the "compass and square" of the freemasons along with the eye of horus. It doesn't stop there, because you will also see the all seeing eye complete with pyramid. I couldn't tell you what this all means, but maybe my loyal readers can help me unravel this perplexing puzzle. Now you know what Alicia Silverstone has been doing....Why hasn't she worked on other major productions or television shows? Is she part of the Order of the Eastern Star? We all know that women cannot be freemasons....Decide for yourself, I am just here to let you know.

Here is the video clip from my friend Dr. Freemason:

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March 21, 2011

Radiation Is Good For You Says Ann Coulter on Fox News

I always knew that the main stream news was going to downplay the nuclear disaster in Fukushima Japan. I never thought they would stoop this low. Radiation is good for you? Is this lady serious? Of all the dumb founded things to say, I would have never thought that this type of BS would come spewing out of someone's mouth. She obviously has no clue about what she is talking about. Why do you think they give you a lead vest when you get your teeth x-rayed. This is more propoganda to not only keep you calm about the huge radiation clouds headed in our direction from the other reactors that are going up in smoke, but also to further their agenda with the TSA naked body scanners. You see the New World Order wants you to get radiation in many different ways. They hate it when you ask questions, and they put garbage like this on the air so you can have mindless zombies at bars and social hang outs, telling you that everything is going to be ok. Don't submit to mindless mainstream news. Think for yourself, and don't let these people tell you whats good for you and whats bad for you. We have something called proof, even Bill O'Reilly was quick to say...This may not be true. I hate Bill O'Reilly because he is a pompous asshole, but at least he knows when to call bullshit. When his puppet masters let him that is....Love and light. Please leave me comments and let me know what you think.

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March 16, 2011

Radiation From Japan's Exploded Reactor Has Now Reached The US Coast

After a couple of explosions at the Fukushima reactor No. 1 in Japan, it has been one thing after another. There is a huge breach and it is leaking dangerous amounts of radiation into the air because of the major earthquake. We have no idea what harm could be caused by all of this radiation. The bad news is the first of the spiked radiation clouds have reached the USA today. It is March, 16th and along the coast of California there has been huge spikes in radiation levels. It looks like the cloud is entering the United States in the southern part of California, and is moving in a south eastern direction. It is following the hot and cold fronts so where it is going to end up is extremely hard to predict. Just like the weatherman can't get it right whether its going to rain or not. They are having the same problem trying to track the movement of these clouds. None of this is being reported about in the news. Not the real danger. Here is a video that I have found that best describes what is happening. Be ready for the worst, it looks like the situation isn't getting any better.

Russia has announced that they think there will be a meltdown of 6 reactors in Japan thanks to the 8.9 earthquake. This is extremely scary. We could be looking at a full scale nuclear disaster. This does not however mean that there will be a nuclear explosion. This means that the water table could be contaminated, and the drinking water in the area will become undrinkable. Not to mention no one really knows what may happen to wildlife in the area. We also have these huge radiation clouds, the radiation levels are going to rise everywhere, what does this mean for the future of this Earth and mankind? We could be looking at similar nuclear meltdowns in the future if all of these natural disasters keep occurring. Could someone be using these earthquakes as a weapon? Was it intentional? God forbid. Heaven help us.

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March 11, 2011

UFO Sighting in Jerusalem on 1/28/2011

This is not a fake video. This happened in the dark of night and even has multiple sightings from other people. Everyone saw the same thing. A flash of light, then it darts off into space, and you can't see it again. Notice how quick this thing moves, and how silent it is. This craft is a very strange craft. If we did create this technology on Earth we had to have been helped somehow. I believe this is really extra terrestrials. There really is no other explanation. Their reaction to this phenomena is completely sincere. I don't think these people faked it at all.

Here is another video that syncs all videos that caught the incident on camera. If you still think this is fake, just know that there is no way that they could all be in sync if they are tampered with in anyway. If you ask me this is very real, and It is more proof that we are not alone in the universe. If you think this is fake, then you really need to do more research. It was even reported by CNN.

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March 10, 2011

The Secrets of Dr Zahi Hawass and The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

For many years people have contemplated the mysteries of what the Giza pyramids and the Sphinx has to offer. No one really knows what it was built for, or why people worked so hard to make such huge structures. Was the Sphinx an animal that existed in that time? No one knows for sure. One thing is for sure though, many people have tried to hinder research, and silence people that make discoveries. These people are called the Supreme Council of Antiquities or the SCA. I know what your thinking, how could anyone cover up such discoveries when they could benefit all of humanity by unraveling the secrets of ancient Egypt, and possibly our origins? The answer is simple. Its because the people in power, that have planted this SCA organization, know the real secrets of ancient Egypt. Sure they can't do much when it comes to hiding these huge structures, but they can skew what people know, and spark debate with religious communities, so that people are left arguing over what the meaning of these wonders are.

Dr. Zahi Hawass has been on the Supreme Council of Antiquities since 2002. The SCA has setup a system in which Archeologists must report through "the proper channels" when they make any kind of discovery on the Giza plateau. This is much like the Vatican does when it comes to the subject of extra terrestrials and other findings with their telescope at the Vatican Observatory. They do this because first and foremost they want the truth before everyone else, but not only that, they want to use the truth to spin their own explanations. This is very similar to what the SCA is doing with the mysteries of Egypt. Could it be a Vatican controlled branch? It is very possible, but that is only speculation. Lets stick to the facts. The SCA on record has been responsible for a number of things including: slander, embezzlement, coverups and possibly more that no one knows about because they are a very tight knit organization. Sure they make public announcements but it has nothing to do with the truth. This has been proven in a number of news publications. Hawass is the untouchable ring leader of this group. The Supreme Council of Antiquities claims that it is an organization setup for the conservation, protection, and regulation of all archaeological excavations in Egypt. This to me seems that its basically setup to cover up, and lie about the true secrets of Ancient Egypt. Lets not forget that a lot of ancient magical and occult practices are rooted in ancient Egypt. If these secret society like goons know of such power, you best believe they aren't going to share that knowledge with the likes of you. Dr. Hawass is more of an administrator of this organization than he is a true archaeologist. One could say that if he was more of an archaeologist then he wouldn't be much of a useful administrator to the SCA. Dr. Zahi Hawass is a very controversial figure because he has been caught in bold face lies before. One of these lies was where he attended school. A. Robert Smith has said on record that he got Dr. Zahi Hawass a scholarship to attend the University of Pennsylvania for Egyptology. He got him a scholarship through a board member that was in ARE (Association for Research and Enlightenment). Hawass has denied this claim publicly even though it is a fact that he really did attend the University of Pennsylvania with a scholarship. Did he really think reporters and journalists wouldn't do the due diligence on this one? You know what I say, once a liar always a liar. Who knows what else he has lied about. It is obvious it doesn't bother him in the slightest to tell the most ridiculous lies ever. How did he benefit from saying he didn't go to the University of Pennsylvania? I believe that is very strange. The Association of Research and Enlightenment (ARE) is very interested in the Giza plateau because it is believed that a "Hall of Records" is hidden underground near the Sphinx that holds the secrets of the lost civilization of Atlantis. This claim was made by a man named Edgar Cayce in the 1920s.

The Association of Research and Enlightenment is just another organization. The controllers of this organization is ARCE (American Research Center in Egypt). Surprised? You shouldn't be after all here in the United States we do have the all seeing eye and pyramid without a capstone on the back of our 1 dollar bills. You best believe that the Freemasons are well connected and seated within this organization. When doing research on this I suggest researching the agenda of ARCE, because ARE is a division of that organization. If you talk to people within the government of Egypt, they all hate Hawass. He has been flattered and corrupted by the American Research Center in Egypt. Hawass is their puppet. He furthers their agenda, and he helps to keep the secrets of ancient Egypt to the organization. According to the ARCE website, they are funded and controlled by the US Department of State. This means that not only do they do scientific functions, but they are also there for political reasons. This is the headquarters for all North American scholars in Egypt.

Click the Above Image to See Full Sized

Dr. Zahi Hawass knows something about the secret chamber below the Sphinx. He doesn't want anyone to find out about it, because it is the legendary "Hall of Records" left by the Atlantis civilization. It has been proven with seismic surveying equipment by a Professor of Geology from Boston. The real chamber is located 25 meters below the Sphinx's left paw. Hawass recently has drilled a hole 10 meters below the Sphinx, and he says he did this because he wanted to protect the Sphinx from becoming more damaged by rising water levels. He used this to discredit the facts about the hidden chamber. Too bad facts cannot be discredited. If he only dug 10 meters under the left paw obviously this isn't far enough. Of course, Dr. Hawass made it perfectly clear that there is no hidden vault under the Sphinx. He obviously is lying and I have the proof in the YouTube videos I am about to show you.

Professor of Geology discovers the Hidden Room built 25 meters underneath the Sphinx

Dr. Zahi Hawass tries to discredit the vault by digging only 10 meters

It is obvious that Dr. Zahi Hawass is a plant by secret societies to hide the true secrets of ancient Egypt. His lies are profound, and he acts like what he says is scripture. This is the age of the Internet. Do your own research and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. Dr. Zahi Hawass is a fraud and a puppet of the Freemasons and Association of Research and Enlightenment. Please leave comments and let me know if I have left anything out.

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March 8, 2011

The Illuminati Symbolism in Looney Tunes

Almost everyone I know grew up with Looney Tunes. In the 90s they played it every morning before we went to school. I remember watching it like clockwork, almost like a morning ritual of sorts. When I was a kid I had no idea that the creators were doing something sinister. Its like they implanted these images into our head so we can reflect on them when we are older. I feel that just in writing this post there will be many people that consider me a looney tune myself. Maybe this is where they got the name for the popular children's cartoons. If you search for Illuminati on Wikipedia the page contradicts itself in a big way. It says that the Illuminati is a group that is both real and fictitious. It says that the Bavarian Illuminati was an enlightenment-era secret society that was founded in May 1, 1776. It then goes on to say that in modern times people have used the name to refer to a conspiratorial organization that acts as a shadow behind the thrones of our world. Isn't that what a secret society does? Obviously when it is mentioned in modern day, people are refering to the old illuminati that still exists today. Wikipedia refuses to make this connection, and I find it strange. Just because you don't believe that the Illuminati exists, doesn't mean that it never has, or that it still doesn't today. I want you to play close attention to when they say the Illuminati was created May 1st, 1776. This brings me to my first Looney Tunes clip. If you watched Looney Tunes like I did, when you watch this clip, you will remember watching it in the 90s.

In this clip they mention 1776, the year the Bavarian Illuminati was created. Here is the quote: “Sturdy place this house of bricks, Built in 1776. High class place with the high class crowd, sign on the door no wolves allowed.” This cartoon even tells the story about selling your soul to the devil so that you can better achieve what you want in your life. This is a pretty strange episode. I wonder how many people have seen this episode across the globe. The numbers are probably through the roof. Remember kids, “The Big Bad Wolf, he learned the rule: you gotta get hot to play real cool!”

Here are some more clips from the Looney Tunes universe. They have symbolism in it, and I'm sure more will surface in time. I will buy a DVD box set now so I can go through each and every episode and see what I find. Please leave comments and let me know what you think. Love and light.

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March 4, 2011

Canadas G20 Peaceful Protest Gets Riot Police Beat Down


The G20 in Canada was one of the worst compromises of civil liberties in Canada's history. People were getting beat up, and dragged away by riot police. They shot rubber bullets at protesters. All of the protesters were in a “free speech” zone so they had the right to be there in every way. Secret agents went into the crowd to not only beat people up, but also to incite violence to justify the beating up of people, and unlawful arrests by the police. No one had the right to see a lawyer, and the police called it Martial Law from their own mouths. This is proof that police all around the world are preparing, training, and learning how to strip people of all their rights, while looking for “terrorists”. This is completely unjust. Before the G20 began many of the contractors of Canada were working on building fencing, and detention centers. Many people have recorded what happened on their cell phones, and on video cameras. The police chief to this day says there is nothing that he has seen that is unlawful. This is totally ridiculous. The protesters are right. The world is watching. The police chief still thinks it was necessary to beat up on innocent people? He should get on YouTube and see the type of videos that are coming out everyday. This type of violence is never justified, especially when people were in the designated zone to PEACEFULLY protest. The police conducted the raid without a warrant, and their was no democracy during the G20. The police are being sued by many people, and those people will win, or they will see more protests. You can beat up on people at a peaceful protest, but we the people will not stand for tyranny. Freedom of speech is a bitch. Deal with it. This is from the show "The Fifth Estate". Please leave comments if you feel I have left anything out.

**UPDATE** This video has been removed for the reason of violating copyright. The only videos left on YouTube about Toronto's G20 summit are videos showing how violent the protesters were, and how the police "saved the day". I already told you how most of the violent protesters were government agents, planted to cause violence to justify taking away peoples rights and liberties. They show nothing of the police violating the rights of protesters in the "free speech zone". This is a feeble attempt to hide the truth. When the hell does the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation give a damn about news videos posted to YouTube? Keep your eye open for police states, they are coming to a country and state near you.

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March 3, 2011

New NROL-32 Spy Satellite Launched Without Media Coverage

The NROL-32 spy satellite was launched in November of 2010. You can Google NROL-32 launch, and see that all of the media covered the launch after it had taken place. I believe this is because the United States didn't want the launch to be compromised, and they probably considered it a matter of national security. No one really knows what the spy satellite's capabilities are, but one thing is for sure, they would rather you not know about it all together. Its obvious that this payload or satellite has the purpose to spy on people both in the United States and abroad, but can it do something to further breach our rights and liberties? I could not tell you, and neither could 99% of the people that reported on it. Another interesting thing to note is that NASA had nothing to do with this launch. NASA is the United States space program that is under the public eye, you should know that their is another space program that does things that the United States doesn't necessarily want the public to know. This program is called the ULA (United Launch Alliance). In conjunction with the United States Air Force, the ULA launched Delta IV with the NROL-32 payload into the Earths orbit. Could this be a form of weapon? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure, they spent years working on this payload to shoot it into orbit. Some of the problems they encountered was the weight of the payload. It takes a lot of hydrogen fuel to get all of this weight into orbit. This is why the spacecraft had 3 hydrogen fueled engines, just so that it could carry the new satellite. That totals to about 3,000 pounds of thrust. Bruce Carlton the NRO project director of the Delta IV, is quoted as saying that it is the largest satellite in the world. The picture above is what the patch looks like for the project. Looks like a secret society is in charge of this one. Hopefully the United States uses this power for good, and not to take away more of our rights and liberties. If you think I have left anything out please leave a comment.

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March 2, 2011

The Truth About William Cooper and His Death

William Cooper AKA Bill Cooper was a true patriot. He did what Alex Jones claims to do every day. Whats the difference between William Cooper and Alex Jones? William Cooper was murdered. At the time people said he was a militia member, but all of the people that knew who William Cooper was would have told you otherwise. He served in the military and saw first hand a real flying saucer that came out of the ocean. When he questioned his superiors about it, they quickly told him to keep his mouth shut, and it never happened. This is what started William Cooper in his long journey for the truth. Now that journey has ended, and William Cooper is dead. All that is left now is Alex Jones. Kind of makes you wonder why Alex Jones isn't dead doesn't it? Could Alex Jones be a disinformation agent seeded by the Illuminati? Your guess is as good as mine. It could very well be possible. Use your better judgment, Alex Jones may know something hes not telling us. Why does Alex Jones never mention the Illuminati or any other secret society on his radio program? I'm sure he would say, "Its because I made movies about it I don't have to mention the secret society anymore"....Alex Jones this is a cop out answer. A secret society that controls the world is always relevant, and should always be in the minds of the people. I think that is very strange...Please watch these videos, Rest in Peace William Cooper.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

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