February 7, 2011

Von Helton Gets A Binary Message From Aliens

For those that don't know Von Helton. He is a guy that always speaks his mind on current events that mainstream news does not cover. He believes in the evil reptilian agenda, and in the ancient astronaut theory. He has recently received a message from aliens in his email. This is very strange. Von Helton received an e-mail containing binary code that he has de-coded. It had ancient Sumerian knowledge and speaks of their alien race returning to Earth. They claim that Von Helton is going to get the first contact, and whoever this is, it is very weird. Why would a troll go through so many lengths just to mess with Von? I don't believe this. I think it could very well be a message from someone that knows something that we don't. Could it be an alien civilization? You be the judge. Here is the video of Von Helton trying to decode and figure out the message from "Binary Man" as Von calls him or them. This is not a troll, why would a troll study ancient Sumerian? This is just too weird.

Von Helton talking to his friends on Blogtv

Binary Man - Broadcast your self LIVE

We Salute you Von here at Nibiru Planet X. We hope you find out what this message means.

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