February 21, 2011

Nibiru AKA Tyche the Brown Dwarf is Headed For Earth

There is a massive brown dwarf headed our direction and is somewhere in the vicinity of the orbits of Mars, and Jupiter. We are looking at a full blown pole shift when this planetary body enters the Earth and Sun's ecliptic plane on March 4th 2011. The results of this shift will be the most profound change to our Earth in millions of years. The globalists and corporate elite are staying quiet about this coming change, and are making underground bases, and seed vaults across the globe. I can't help but think about that movie 2012 was that more disinfo so that people can discredit real researchers like me? For those that don't know, a seed vault is a modern day Noahs Ark, but instead of having every animal in the world, it has survival seeds that can be planted on new fertile soil. This is so that more generations of people (the globalist elites) can continue to survive. Google and other organizations that offer services such as Google Sky, Bing also has something similar, are currently covering up the coordinates and plenty of areas are being blacked out. What is it that they don't want us to see? I have found some photos that show just what is behind these dark spots on Google Sky. The coordinates are: 5h 53m 27s -6 10' 58 in the constellation of Leo...

Look at how many moons this planetary body has! This will cause major earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, and other nasty things to occur on our planet. Our whole orbit could be thrown out of whack. Obviously this planet has a huge gravitational field that could disrupt the orbit of any planet including Earth. If you navigate to these coordinates on Google Sky you will notice that there is a black spot. Others have noticed that they are starting to use a history of previous shots so that they can cover it up without people knowing about it. If you are interested find someone with a serious telescope, and have them point to those coordinates. What you find might amaze you. Tell everyone you know, the time is coming closer and closer. I am not sure if this time line is correct, however, I must pay attention to all of the things my loyal sources reveal to me. Store as much food and water as you can, if these things come to past, they will be more valuable than gold and even diamonds. If you can find a way to survive this thing....

This is a video of someone that is pointing out that Google has blacked out the image at this point in time. I have also included a picture. It is definitely edited and cropped out. Do these guys really think that we won't think something is up. There is a huge cover up going on right now, and this by very definition is a complete conspiracy. It is not a theory because it can all be proven. Do the right thing...Here is the image close up, of the crop Google did to their Google Sky software...

Tell everyone you know all of your friends and family. We must know what these guys are up to, and why they are covering it up. They would rather you stay where you are, and be killed by one of the natural disasters fixing to hit in March of next month. Like I said I am not sure if this date is actually correct, but my sources are usually spot on, and I am not taking this information for granted. You shouldn't either.

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  1. Google, from my understanding, is for the people. The company wants to make information available and services for free or at a low cost. One of the organizations Google started was the Open Handset Consortium to reduce the cost of cellular phones and their plans. This angered Verizon and ATT who squashed the effort. They timed the release of their first Google phone with this consortium. The phone was available through T-Mobile at the time. I believe that Google is being forced to cover these areas up on their applications and do a shotty job on purpose so that the people know there is something of interest their. This will thus empower everyone to research, collaborate, and hopefully educate each other on issues of the world that have been "blacked out" from society. I think they are doing what they can to help those who aren't "in the know" with what resources they have. Our best sources of information are now old books and records that haven't been discarded from peoples' homes or town libraries. Civilizations that always come up are good references for ancient astronomy but there are clues in others that have been all but snuffed out or in modern day religions in the form of metaphors. One such civilization would be the Anasazi Natives in the western United States. Their descendants are the Pueblo and now Hopi Native Americans and have very similar stories to natives all over the world. Love the collection of info here and the way it's presented.

  2. AnonymousMay 02, 2012

    "Tell everyone you know all of your friends and family. We must know what these guys are up to, and why they are covering it up. They would rather you stay where you are, and be killed by one of the natural disasters fixing to hit in March of next month. Like I said I am not sure if this date is actually correct, but my sources are usually spot on, and I am not taking this information for granted. You shouldn't either."

    I can't and won't tell you where I get my information from.. and I can guarantee you that I'm not one of these 'posers' that want attention by claiming to be a government employee or anything else like that. Nor am I one of those lame 'fear mongering' a-holes that just go around to scare people for the heck of it. But, I can tell you that according to my sources, Nibiru/Tyche will be at its closest position to Earth in September of 2012. The 'December 21st 2012' date is incorrect.

    One other thing real quick.. the Earth is NOT GOING TO suddenly/abruptly end because of Nibiru/Tyche, period. Nor will it actually HIT Earth. However, at the same time.. when it reaches its closest position to Earth in September 2012.. it WILL, without a doubt, cause problems for Earth and any of its inhabitants. Now, will these 'problems' be life-threatening? They could be.. that's all I can say when it comes to that. I'm not a psychic.. but I do have credible sources that give me credible and recently declassified information and sometimes even slightly classified information on the subject of Nibiru/Tyche.

    People do need to wake up.. especially the ones that don't think Nibiru is real. NASA and the U.S. Government has known about Nibiru since they discovered it back in 1983 with the launch of 'IRAS'.. and if it weren't for the 'infared technology' aboard the 'IRAS' satellite... NASA more than likely would have never seen it.

    One little last piece of information.. and mark my words on this. As we inch closer and closer to the month of September 2012.. we will begin to see more and more information on Nibiru being released by NASA and the U.S. Government. And of course, government officials and other 'important' people have been preparing for this event for a LONG LONG time now... and they've already been pre-selected for a spot in one of the many underground cities/bunkers owned/operated by the U.S. Government and or U.S. Military.. so they have nothing to worry about pretty much. But when it comes to down to "normal every-day citizens' like yourself and others.. you'll be left in the dark on the situation and will have to defend for yourselves.

    Anyhow, I've probably let out too much information on this.. so I'll go ahead and stop there. Just know, that Nibiru is no joke.. and no, its not like the past 'world ending' B.S. such as (Y2K bug and others). Those were nothing but jokes that had no scientific data to prove it was a real issue. Nibiru on the other hand.. is supported with VAST amounts of scientific data proving not only its very existance.. but it also proves that its on a close course with Earth.

    Anyhow, I just wanted to let what information out that I could.. without getting into any trouble. So, that's all the information I can let out at this time.. without having to worry about being thrown into a federal prison for having posession of sensitive data/information. And again, your welcome.

    -Mr. X (YouTube Channel: GovernmentExposure]


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