February 3, 2011

MTV Has Started Funding Music Videos to Inject Them With Symbolism and Esoteric Meaning

This is MTV's first funded music video that will start being played on its network. This is an example of how MTV will take over the release of music, and symbolism to the main stream without 3rd party production companies, except their own of course. This is so that they can fill the minds of feeble individuals with grand designs and it shows the true agenda of MTV's network. They are a Freemasonic organization thats sole purpose is to pollute the youth, and control the minds of everyone watching. Sure the music makes you bob your head, and if you aren't hip to the symbolism, you would laugh it off as just another good music video. What is going on here is much more evil. They are popularizing the secret orders and fraternities around the world, and recruiting musicians by making them take the oath of initiation, and basically selling their soul to the craft. Many musicians have already done so, so the rest that want to be successful will also do the same. The girl in this video is getting many people to sign the contract and become part of the fraternity, to my loyal readers I shouldn't have to explain all the symbolism I will just list what I have caught: The All Seeing Eye, The Freemasonic compass and square with a "G", and checkerboard eye of Horus symbolism. Remember this is just the first MTV funded music video, I'm sure the rest to come will be even more full of esoteric symbolism. Guard your mind, they are out to control you subliminally.

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  2. amazing vid..interesting comments

  3. How can one apply to have a music video funded?

  4. Sell your soul and pledge your allegiance to certain secret societies. Prove your worth to their organization by showing your talent...


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