February 3, 2011

Kurt Haskell Blows Whistle on Underwear Bomber Claiming Inside Job by Government

I have already mentioned on this blog before that the government could possibly be staging terror attacks to take away more rights and liberties from the American people. Is this what is really going on? Attorney Kurt Haskell says that he was escorted by Government officials on that aircraft and given a defective underwear bomb on Christmas day to cause a more deep emotional response from the American people. Did the government really do this? I would not be surprised. Now that we have TSA naked body scanners, I am sure this is one of the major reasons why. Soon the body scanners will appear in more public gatherings such as sporting events, court cases, and other places that have a lot of people going and coming. The naked body scanners are harmful. They use massive amounts of radiation much like an x-ray machine, except you are given no lead vest to wear to protect you from these radioactive waves. I can only hope that the next step doesn't involve a real attack, with actual casualties. Could our government be so sinister?

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