February 15, 2011

Government Admits Experimenting with Fluoride in Drinking Water

The Government of the United States has been poisoning drinking water for a very long time. They admit that not every water supply has been fluoridated in every single community, however they are discovering that fluoride is not so good for people as once thought. I remember when these news media outlets would bash conspiracy theorists for mentioning fluoride in the water, now they are admitting to it, and say that it is bad for you. The problem that they are mentioning is called fluorosis of the teeth. This is a condition that damages your teeth instead of helping them. Mind you that the government has not just been pushing fluoride into your drinking water, but water companies such as Ozarka have also put fluoride in there purified water with fluoride rich versions of their bottled water. If they are willing to admit that they were wrong with their "experiment", I wonder when they will start mentioning the other pollutants in our drinking water such as uranium, and other radioactive isotopes. These guys make me sick, they talk about how fluoride is damaging to your teeth, when they aren't mentioning how damaging it is to your brain. Then there are those people that say, "Well its in my toothpaste so it has to be good for you". That is just stupid. You don't swallow your toothpaste do you? In fact, there is a warning on the toothpaste that if you swallow even a pea sized amount to contact poison control. Fluoride is a poison. It is not something that we should be ingesting. Like the other poisons in our water. So there you have it folks, proof the government has been lying to you for a long time. I wonder what other experiments they are doing to us, that they deny now, but will admit to later when they are exposed through the likes of freedom fighters like Alex Jones. These guys are all puppets of the New World Order.

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