February 18, 2011

Fox News Caught Doing Cheap Dirty Tricks Against Ron Paul

This is ridiculous they obviously showed the responses from the crowd during the 2010 CPAC. In 2010 Ron Paul was booed by Mitt Romney supporters. During this years CPAC the crowd sounded like they gave Ron Paul a standing ovation. Many people that have started waking up to the tyranny put in place by our Government, they want someone who is going to represent liberty. In these dark times where are constitution is in jeopardy, and we are losing our rights, due to false flag terrorism, and global central banks along with the federal reserve, Ron Paul is a breathe of fresh air. Hopefully more and more Americans can start waking up to the crimes against humanity that governments around the world commit. This is no longer a time where you can sit idly by while these globalist monsters do whatever they want, so that they can gain more power. We the people must put into office a real American thats willing to fight for liberty. Ron Paul has been the most laughed at and harassed candidate to run as President. This is because the globalists are afraid of him. He is the one that wants to audit the Federal Reserve. This must be done, so we can see just how deep the rabbit hole goes. We here at the Nibiru blog, give you our applause Ron Paul. Don't let Fox News get you down, Glenn Beck thinks everyone is a leftist, and everything is some type of leftist conspiracy. He needs to wake up, before the people stop watching his show. He has the potential to go in the right direction, but his handlers at the Fox Network are holding him back from releasing the full truth. Wake up America, this is our only time to shine.

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