February 16, 2011

Disney's Club 33 Secrets Exposed

Club 33 is a prestigious club located within the walls of Disneyland. The club is very secretive, and only if you have a reservation are you even allowed inside to view the place. This club has a very strange number 33. This number is very sacred to all grandmaster Freemasons. This is the highest degree of Freemasonry. Walt Disney never got to see the finished club up and running because he died of lung cancer shortly before the club's opening. This club is the only place you can find hard drinks in the park. Its whole existence is rather strange because no one knows why it is needed inside a park like this. Why would it not be easy to set a reservation here if you are a paying customer? That's just it this club isn't about money so much as it is about influence. Only the most elite of the elite are allowed to even obtain a reservation at this club. Here is a video showing what the inside of the club looks like. I wonder what kind of sick sadistic rituals go on inside the club walls...

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